5 Must Have iPad Apps for Sales Reps

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Recently I came across an article on InformationWeek that spoke about organizations distributing iPads to its 1300+ sales reps across North America. This left me with few points to ponder on how the industry is transforming from the PC to the Post-PC era; and how technology is enabling the sales reps to leverage the latest gadgets.

Gone are those days when sales reps carried a number of fliers/brochures and bulky laptops to showcase various product capabilities, portfolios and corporate presentations. Today, with use of smartphones & tablets such as iPad, sales reps have the freedom to demonstrate their ideas & can easily reduce efforts in maintaining activities. So how does it work? How can ipad apps for sales reps transform how you do business today? What kind of iPad applications can you get to improve your sales team productivity? Let’s take look at a few ipad apps for sales reps which are here to change the dynamics of doing business today…

  1. CRM for iPad: CRM Application is the Bible for any sales person. The business world revolves around Sales cycle. Right from lead generation, qualification to its closure, and managing that account, CRM is the only reliable source of information for sales reps at any given point of time. Most CRM applications these days provide their own Mobile clients for example, MS Dynamics, SugarCRM, Salesforce.com, Zoho.

    It not only helps your sales team manage accounts, but also makes sure they have the right information at the right time and at the right place! In case, you don’t have any web based CRM application, perhaps it’s the perfect time to invest in a CRM application. If this small investment yields you a multimillion dollar account… you really won’t mind spending on it, would you?

  2. Product Catalog iPad App: Many B2B & B2C companies have started using iPads as their product catalog tool. It’s very easy to use. You just need to replicate your website into an interactive product catalog iPad app. This will help your sales reps showcase various products, their configurations or even customize them as per customer requirement and demonstrate how they might look.

    If the prospective customer can see the customized product on the iPad, it’s highly probable that they might go for it vis-à-vis going through brochures and battling out to visualize the offering. It’s not only about seeing various products, once the customer selects the customized item/product and opt in to buy it from you, your sales rep can simply place an order over an iPad app. What else can be a better solution for sales person? You can expect your star sales person to close a deal at the first meeting.

  3. Product Catalog iPad App

  4. Business Intelligence iPad App: Dashboards and customized reports are at the heart of Sales & Marketing activities. Having a customized BI application for various departments helps you identify what’s going on across supply chain, logistics, sales, customer support, client requests and much more.

    iPad app development which is integrated with such BI tools will help your sales team create customized reports as per product variance and see performance of each product with regards to variables such as day, week, month, quarter or yearly basis. Having an iPad app for this would help your sales team make quick decisions and take corrective actions as and when required. So now, you don’t need to travel long distance to reach out at your desk and start the PC. You can simply do all these things by just one touch; anywhere, anytime.

  5. Document Management iPad app/iCloud: With the latest iOS release, Apple launched its competitor to Dropbox, the iCloud! It helps you integrate all your content across devices right from Mac, iPhone, iPod to iPad seamlessly. This will help your sales team access all the important sales documents and files anytime, anywhere in a secured way. If you want to go one step further than this, then you can also create an iPad app integrated with any of your in-house document management application.

    It will be an extension of your web based Document Management System (DMS) on the iPad. This could be the most secured way of managing, editing, reviewing & maintaining all your content on your servers. Hold on… It doesn’t end here, you can now also assign various user roles, access rights and workflows as per your business processes. Go out, enjoy your day and carry all your documents on a sleek, handy iPad.

  6. Document Management iPad app

  7. Bonus! Microsoft Office on iPad: Yes, finally we now have an official Microsoft Office on the iPad. CloudOn that helps you take your Microsoft Office to the cloud and perform all MS Office tasks on an iPad app. Integrate this app with Dropbox and it helps you edit word documents, create awesome charts in Excel and show off your Powerpoint presentations.

Microsoft Office on iPad

These are only a few examples to help you understand the power of tablets like iPad. Trust me, this little device is going to change the way we work. You think of an idea and there could be an iPad app for that. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab few iPads for your sales reps :)

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    Laxmi Singh
    March 27, 2012

    Very Informative article for Sales Rep. CRM is indeed pivotal for any sales person

    January 31, 2013

    Yes, very helpful and informative article. My company right now is using Dropbox and a fantastic sales app not mentioned on here. I’ve benefited tremendously from this sales app and by being able to share documents with my office on Dropbox!

      January 31, 2013

      Hi Natalie,
      Thanks for your feedback.

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