SharePoint Application Development: An Insight

The information you might get on the web as a definition has high chances of being abstruse. This is the scenario because everyone’s experience on SharePoint application development is different (which highly depends on their needs). The ambiguity is further aided by various third party plugins and add-ons available for supporting its different functionalities.

I would say that SharePoint application development is a simple reply by Microsoft to various Content Management Systems, Document Management Systems, WebSphere, and to the expanding monolith of Google’s forthcoming products that will allow people to set up a quick-and-easy website and will incorporate features from all across its other domains like YouTube, Google Docs, Picasa, and Google Calendar.

Besides being a simple reply, SharePoint application development is also a single solution tool that is huge! Colossal would be rather apt for SharePoint application development and what you can do with it. You can manage documents, collaborate, manage sites and users, customize features, manage content, manage records and a lot more.

The multipurpose Microsoft platform for SharePoint application development allows users to manage workforce with increased efficiency and productivity.  From intranets and internet, enterprise level collaboration, enterprise search, to BI and process management for businesses, everything can be done by SharePoint application development.

In the present scenario, SharePoint application development is mainly used for business collaboration system, enterprise content management systems, records management system & document management system. Not many are aware, that the SharePoint platform is highly scalable. It can support multiple organizations on a single server farm. It also provides numerous methods of customization and configuration of web areas and portals via embedded “Web Parts”.

Web Parts are more like “Applets” in Java. However, they are much more advanced than Applets. Web Parts can display content defined in the settings (e.g. HTML <iFrames>), display items from Lists/Libraries (this can be customized in SharePoint Designer, using XSLT & CAML), providing access to features in the SharePoint platform (e.g. Search, Login). Applets are dependent on Servlets at the backend. This is not the case with Web
Parts as they are independent.

If you have a Windows environment, which I am sure you do, you need not change much to implement SharePoint app development platform. SharePoint application development allows the application platform to seamlessly and smoothly integrated with your existing Windows environment and Office Suite in such a way that you will never know when you crossed the MS Office boundaries and entered the world of SharePoint.

To summarize, you can – Gather information, Share information and create Workflows. It is a combination of files in folders (libraries), tables of data (lists) and a website. And each of these comes with an added functionality. For example, SharePoint application development can help you create files that can be kept in versions and be added to workflows.

SharePoint application development can also help you create some basic lists – task lists, issue lists, surveys, calendars, announcement lists. You can integrate your blogs and social platforms as well. You can add metadata to almost everything. For example, you may wish to add a finance column to your process documents to calculate the cost of implementing the process. You can display your documents or your lists in varied ways namely, folder structure, in metadata, reports etc.

SharePoint application development offers:

  • Social Media Investments
  • Large and External lists
  • Easy management of access rights
  • Work Offline feature in SharePoint Workspace
  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery Innovation
  • Admin Insights & Analytics
  • Service Applications
  • SharePoint Designer Enhancements like portable workflows, and granular delegation
  • Sandbox Solutions

A SharePoint application development company will help you select business solution components based on your requirements leveraging best practices and methodologies in SharePoint. Leveraging SharePoint application development, you will be able to optimize your work, build an organizational community, increase team productivity and reduce the operational costs to a huge extent.

SharePoint application development can create a better platform for your team members to share knowledge and maximize productivity which takes team collaboration to a higher level thereby speeding processes and saving money.

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