Custom Web Application Development – A Case Study

20 Oct. 2010 Case Studies

The client is a Web Application Development and Outsourcing Company in the Netherlands. What began as modest beginnings in early 2007 with one application has now grown into a multi- project relationship, where Rishabh Software provides its expertise on Open Source technologies such as LAMP and JAVA.

Rishabh Software, an outsourcing software development service provider, has been maintaining many of the client’s client applications and has provided the following services:

  1. Web Application Development
  2. Application Stabilization and Enhancements
  3. Website Development
  4. Application Migrations

Here is what the client has to say about Rishabh Software; privacy of the client has been protected due to contractual restrictions.

“For our project we are currently developing the 7th version. In between the versions we have had many sub releases and still many to come. From the start of the project, about 1.5 years ago, all (sub) releases have been perfectly in time and of a decent quality. With quality and time secured, the most important elements of a successful cooperation are in place. Next to this communication has been very smooth and efficient. We are constantly up to date on latest progress and questions from our side are answered usually within a day. Where the team stands out most is their pro-active thinking and acting. Whenever something can be done more efficient, more user friendly or easier, the team doesn’t hesitate to share their thoughts.

I hope we have many good years to come”.

– Client Team – The Netherlands

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