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16 May. 2011 General

With a dime and dozen companies providing “good service and quality”, what is your differentiation factor in today’s competitive world? To make yourself stand out, you need to go that extra mile and that extra could be as simple as providing Good Customer Service.

It is a simple concept, that satisfying customer’s needs and wants, makes them want to come back to you. More often than not, listening thoroughly and carefully and adopting simple yet impactful gestures or practices that add value to a customer’s business can raise customer satisfaction levels to a large extent.

Taking a good look at, and analyzing some common indicators of customer satisfaction, can help channelize your customer service initiatives in the right direction. The most common indicator of satisfaction is your Sales revenue. High sales revenue means good customer satisfaction. A healthy business knows how an above average customer satisfaction level relates to higher financial stability. Every organization must aim at having a customer satisfaction Index of 90% or more. To achieve this index, one must know their customers’ business needs in depth and then provide a solution on how the need can be satisfied. Customer service is a cycle and with every new business cycle, demands increase and service levels are reassessed. Each cycle provides avenues to strategize on how to increase customer satisfaction levels.

When a customer calls a business, they don’t want an automated voice message system, but rather a human being who can hear his or her problem. Every customer’s business need is unique. Reaching out and being able to connect with a listener who is ready to provide for solutions creates a satisfaction

Any business that has its employees trained in listening and responding to a customer’s problems effectively will help that business grow. Although focusing all attention on the customer may seem time consuming, it will be useful in the long run when the customer and the business are sure that both parties are on the same page and understand each other.

The importance of referrals or word of mouth marketing cannot be discounted by any business today. Most successful businesses are dependent on this channel of business development. They realize that nothing can cause more damage than gaining a reputation for poor customer service. Words from clients complaining of bad service can spread quickly and if a business does not pay attention to bringing the satisfaction levels back to acceptable standards, it can suffer tremendously.

So how can we achieve great customer satisfaction? Connect…connect with your customers through technological advances like, Facebook, Twitter, or Yelp and your own website. Add employee pictures and details on social network sites so that the customers get a real feel of whom they are interacting with…it all adds to the brand value. It is also one of the fastest ways today to reach out to a wider audience worldwide. Have inbound call centers where customers can reach you instantly. If time is a luxury, an e-mail support service is also an option. Many modes of communication can be made to ensure that the customer is attended to in a manner that is most convenient to them.

What could be more important than customer satisfaction? The topmost priority in all business should be to treat all customer-related issues seriously no matter the frequency of the complaint. Customers FIRST! Satisfied customers lead to higher gains, improve credibility and keep the business thriving. We all know the golden rule of marketing: Retain the current customer. It works out cheaper than to attract a new one. A simple business strategy with focus on service stand to gain much more by providing great customer service to the current customer and ensures great marketing of your business.

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