Location-Based Service App Development for Higher Customer Engagement

29 Apr. 2014 Mobile App

Location-based app development & mobile solutions are increasingly being adopted by small and medium businesses (SMBs) world over. They provide the consumer an immediate access to product or service information, price comparisons, reviews, product alternatives, and mobile commerce options.

This blog explains the benefits of implementing a location-based mobile app solution for your enterprise and how you can increase your revenue stream with improved customer satisfaction levels.

Siri – the personal assistant and knowledge navigator on the iPhone has simplified user interactions by capturing spoken commands and providing a service to search the web, lookup sports information, find directions or locations, and answer simple questions like “Which is the nearest restaurant?” or “Who is offering the best deal for shopping?”

Location-based application is also known as geo location solution where the users’ location is shared through their mobile devices. These solutions are designed specifically to deliver users of GPS and Internet-enabled mobile devices with appropriate location specific content. With wider coverage and higher mobile internet speeds, location-based mobile application is an optimal choice for your industry to address customers by providing a unique user experience.

Industries which can leverage geo location based app services
Personalized Location based services that can be delivered through mobile app

Enterprises can boost sales and improve their brand awareness by leveraging location-based services. Furthermore, customer engagement can be increased by delivering location-based services through mobile app for social networking and mobile payment processing, helping businesses enhance operational models and derive new revenue streams.

Take for example a location-based mobile app developed for the retail giants – Sears Holdings, which operates Sears and Kmart. Recently they added a feature to their mobile Web and applications that geo-fences stores to let loyalty members know that specials are available in-store.

The feature is tailored for the retailers’ ‘Shop Your Way’ loyalty members. With better targeting and integration into multichannel marketing plans, Sears and Kmart are making location-based mobile coupons a more intricate part of their media mixes.

Savvy marketers should be leveraging mobile coupons for more than getting consumers to simply shop on their mobile devices. Take Apple’s Passbook and other mobile wallets, for example. The technology is not necessarily new, but more retailers are slowly loading SMS and mobile app programs with passes to keep offers on top of the customer’s minds.

Retail giants tend to have pretty good email lists, but their capture and use of mobile phone numbers has lagged in the past. A simple way to start is capturing a mobile loyalty list segmented by store location, so you can simply provide mobile offers to your existing customers. Location-based app developed for retail are fast, cheap and easy, and have a great response rate.

Location-based mobile coupons

Screenshot of a location-based mobile coupon app

“Location-based mobile coupons are uniquely positioned to engage consumers in real time and incentivize them to go to a nearby store” Acquity Group’s Mr. Stack said.

“The shift to more location-based mobile coupons is indicative of several larger trends” he said. “With the rise of smartphones as a primary shopping and research device for consumers, marketers are shifting spending and making larger investments in mobile because it’s a very effective way to reach consumers.”

Additionally, iOS, Android & Windows phone enables consumers to scan a QR code from a print ad to create a pass that is then location-sensitive. This could be particularly useful for marketers with a big focus on newspaper circulars and print to increase coupon redemptions and offers.

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