Advantages of Drupal Website Development

30 Dec. 2015 Software Development

Have you ever thought what the websites of The White House, Warner Brothers, PayPal, Tesla, and The Weather Channel have in common? Well, all these enterprise websites have been developed using Drupal. In addition, they utilize PHP that is an open source script code, with no licensing costs and a pool of talented companies and developers.

Drupal For Web Application Development

Benefits of Drupal Web Application Development

What is Drupal?

It is an open source content management (CMS) framework that enables community-shared code to be assembled for the quick creation of websites for any small, medium or large enterprise.

It leverages the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) technologies and open source. Drupal web development can accelerate any technology project, web app, or enterprise website with minimal infrastructure setup and help in achieving business scalability. Whether you’re creating blogs, wikis, corporate home pages, e-commerce sites, or collaborative communities, Drupal can do all of this—and more—very well. And it’s free to download and use whether you’re using Windows or a Mac!

Top 3 Benefits of Drupal Application Development:

  1. It is an Open Source solution that is enterprise-ready – Drupal follows the six key factors required in a product for being defined as enterprise-class.

    • System scalability: It can be deployed on a single server or distributed server clusters to handle massive traffic loads.
    • System reliability: It is deployed on LAMP stack which optimizes your server hardware required to configure and improve reliance.
    • System manageability: It follows a granular control over user roles and permissions.
    • System security: A dedicated Drupal security team is deployed to monitor and address security issues in Drupal core. Also, there are thousands of community developers working to identify and address security issues.
    • Interoperability: It has integration flexibility with other web applications through open standards and web services like JSON, XML & REST.
  2. It is highly customizable – A basic Drupal website is limited in terms of design and features which might not match your enterprise requirement, but you can create it using custom Drupal website development. It is designed to customize functionality, features, layout and design. A Drupal website design can either include a variety of features or be lean in nature depending on a business’s needs.
  3. Follows agile development methodology – Unlike traditional website development methodology that involves complex documentation and little for a client to see, using Drupal enables you to work in agile manner where core functionality can be rapidly deployed to market, with iterative enhancements and customizations. It gives you the huge advantage of allocating a smaller initial budget to get your project live, with rapid enhancements made to your requirements.

In conclusion, of the many advantages of custom Drupal development for business, security tops the list. It delivers enterprise grade security with in-depth reports to safeguard your site from potential hackers and protects sensitive enterprise data.

Rishabh Software helps its enterprise clients achieve business goals by providing Drupal development and support services. We develop web applications like internal portals, content management systems and also provide enterprise integrations with Drupal.

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