Application Re-engineering and Modernization

About 80% of applications in the world today are getting migrated to the cloud from mainframes and legacy systems. There is an urgent need for enterprises to modernize and upgrade their existing IT application ecosystem to keep up with technology. Rishabh Software’s Application Re-engineering, Modernization and Migration services help customers deploy their legacy applications to the cloud through re-engineering and migrating from older platforms with minimum risks.

Our application re-engineering & legacy modernization services include

  • Assessment & Planning
  • Database Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Application Modernization and Re-engineering Services

With a constant need to innovate enterprise applications, app migration helps businesses achieve a competitive edge over others. Rishabh software identifies this need for change and helps global clients upgrade their technology ecosystem through optimizing the right mix of existing (Application Management) vs. new technology (Migration, Enhancements).

Legacy Application Migration Services

modernization of mainframe legacy system

  • Integration and enhancement of legacy systems with new Internet-driven technologies
  • Migration of systems to new architectures, languages, databases and web-based environments
  • Migrating a legacy or existing application to a new operating environment
  • Testing and qualifying products on various platforms and versions
  • Re-enabling, re-hosting and re-engineering

Data Migration Services

data migration from legacy system

  • Migration between programming languages
  • Migration between runtime platforms and application servers
  • Customization of system to client needs and technology environment
  • Database and data format conversion

Advantages of Modernizing Legacy Application with Rishabh Software:

  • Eliminate licensing and support issues with the older technologies
  • Improve collaboration, user friendliness and portability of applications
  • Cost reduction associated with maintenance of legacy system
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