1 Million Subscribers for Microsoft’s Cloud Office 365

31 May. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Microsoft’s bold move of making Office 365 available on the cloud paid off well.

Microsoft, in a bold move, had decided to promote their leading Office software – Office 365 on the cloud. Looking at the one million subscribers that it has already received, it looks like Microsoft made a smart move with their Office 365.

The company, in a blog post, said, “The new Office is officially the best-selling Office edition yet, with more than one sold every second on average since it launched. And if it wasn’t enough, in just over 100 days, you’ve made Office 365 Home Premium a hit with more than 1 million subscribers, putting it on pace with some of the most popular services around”.

Shown in the graph below is the time in which other services reached 1 million subscribers in comparison to Office 365.

Subscribers Graph

The Office 365 Home Premium was released by the company in late January. Unlike the previous editions of Microsoft Offices, which were available on disks and were not quite compatible for internet connectivity, Office 365 is available on the cloud and integrates well with the web and cloud services such as the SkyDrive – Microsoft’ cloud storage service.

Microsoft Office 2013 is also available on the disk, but there are more features available with the Office 365. Microsoft has also peeled out a special scheme for students who might want to use Office 365. How well does the availability of Office 365 on the cloud prove beneficial for enterprises, is what businesses might be more interested in. We can only wait for Microsoft to come up with a better prospective for enterprises to actually see its advantages.

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