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2014 – Mobile Enterprise Predictions, Small Business Strategies and More

23 Jan 2014

Many suggest that 2013 was an underwhelming year for technology. However if the predictions, speculations and assumptions are to be believed even slightly, we’re in for an exciting 2014 in terms of technology. Let us take a look at some of those news / speculations or predictions for the coming year.


Mobile Enterprise Predictions

The rise of MBaaS and the fall of legacy MEAP solutions


Customers and analysts are of the opinion that the flagging sales of legacy Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) solutions will continue to fall and this will coincide with the rise of Mobile Application Platform providers who will be able to provide Mobile Backend as a Service( MBaaS) along with other functionalities.


Oracle, Red Hat, HP and VMWare take on bigger roles in enterprise mobility


SAP and IBM have seen some of their efforts in the enterprise mobility space go in vain. On the whole companies have struggled in moving to a more open, cloud-based mobile app platform. In the light of this scenario, it is expected that companies like Oracle, Red Hat etc. will capitalize on the large customer-base requirements for viable mobile solutions


The rise of BlackBerry as a cross-platform mobile enterprise software provider


Blackberry may be lagging behind the other platforms in the smartphone race but its core strength lies in cross-platform mobile enterprise software solutions. It is expected that while its size may get smaller but it will be more focused on these core software solution offerings to consolidate its position.


The increasing role of Mobile Application Platforms in the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) which includes multiple enterprise elements is said to have an ecosystem in the trillions of dollars today and expected to grow further in the next 10 years. It is expected that in 2014, organizations will look further in its mobile enablement to incorporate the mobilization of a broader set of assets and back-end data sets. Some vital mobile application platforms are slated to play an important role in this enablement.


Large EMM Rollout Deployment with Mobile Application Platform Offering


With the market getting more mature in 2014, coupled with education and the technology advancement of key mobile enterprise software solutions, we can expect to see larger combined deployments of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and more advanced mobile app enablement.


Apart from these important speculations and predictions, it is expected that Samsung and Microsoft will get more serious about their presence and market share in the mobile enterprise space come 2014.

Smart Small Business Strategies

In the wake of numerous small businesses and start ups blossoming in the industry over the past couple of years, it is vital to understand some key strategies that will not only enable them to survive, but also thrive in 2014 and the years beyond. Let us take a look at some of the strategies that are considered to be smart moves, especially in the small business segment.


  • Re-ignite your extinguished passion
  • Invest time away from your business so as to actually work on your business
  • Hire and fire guided by your purpose, values and mission
  • Invest in marketing to continue the success
  • Invest in email marketing (still one of the most effective online promotion techniques) too
  • Focus on current customers and build relationships

Android – The first choice for first time app developers

According to the ‘Mobile App Developer Survey 2013’, done by Vserv.mobi, Android is the platform of choice for first time app developers. In another interesting statistic, according to the survey, it is estimated that about three quarters of app developers have been in this industry for less than three years, making this a young, but growing industry. However it is also observed that they do diversify their interests once they gain a foothold in the industry.


We hope the 2014 turns out to be a positively exciting year for technology in all segments. However, along with the changes there will be the need to adapt and embrace the same to maintain the foothold in the market and also grow simultaneously. We at Rishabh Software are committed to embrace any change that comes about in the ever changing field of technology especially enterprise mobile and app development.