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08 Nov. 2010 General

Tata Docomo is on the verge of becoming the first private service provider for 3G India. A moment to cherish and be buoyant about for sure, especially if you are a part of the Tata family. But, I see a cynical part of the entire story. A country as fast growing and evolving as India takes ages to come to this level, vis-à-vis the ‘so called’ progressed economies. Why? Internet speed and mobile telephony, while in other parts of the world (and by world, I mean, progressed world, I don’t want to compare India with the likes of laggards) is a necessity, for us, it still remains a luxury.

A 2MBPS line is termed as ‘Super Speed’ by a well-known PSU. Wow! Now that is what I call comparison. How do we expect our brilliant minds to compete in such a resource scarce environment? I was discussing the ‘internet speed’ issue with a colleague who informed me that the average download broadband speed in UK is 3.6 MBPS. Nice to hear yeah? But all this leaves me is a ‘question’. How much catching we have to do and lock horns with these giants. Infrastructure! Probably, the government needs to recollect that infrastructure, does not necessarily imply the traditional BiSaPa (Bijali, sadak and Pani). The faster we evolve on these circuits of Mobility, Networking and Internet, the better and safer is our future as a Global Super Power. Modern India now needs MoNeCo (Mobility, Networking & Connectivity) to step up and be counted.

The only advantage Indians relished over the past two decades was the ignorance of the sleeping giants in USA, UK and other developed countries with all the necessary resources, yet somehow lethargic. With the advent of resurgent USA, UK & co having their backs against the walls, its high time we empower our youth with the resources it needs to compete in the race of Globalization. A race who most will agree, has its origin in India and will be scripted in India. If only we become a 3G state at the earliest onset.

Anyways, the ball has started rolling with DoCoMo getting the rights. I believe in the recent past, we have attained the tag of being a great snow-bowling nation. We are a domino nation when it comes to marketing. Fasten your seatbelts, in the times to come you all will be peppered with Internet Speed advertisements. Make no mistake, our smart advertisers will compel you to think that you just can’t live without 3G, and what’s more fascinating is that you will believe it.

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