4 Things that Matter when Choosing a Mobile App Development Platform

09 Apr. 2013 Mobile App

Mobile App Development is an industry vertical that is experiencing a sharp boom. The use of smartphones and tablets is now four times more than the earlier years. Gartner expects that tablets will outship PCs and desktops by 2017, becoming the second largest device bought only after mobile.

The need for better and newer mobile web app platforms is higher than ever today as its expected that there would be more mobile connected devices than people by 2017. If you have a viable business idea and the right platform for mobile application development, then you are already on the road to success.

Mobile App Development Platforms

However, there are a lot of platforms available and all of them claim to be superior to the other. So how do you choose which mobile app development platform is right for you?

4 points to consider before picking the mobile app development platform

  1. Adequate resources and tools

  2. To create a good application, you need the right resources and the right development tools. Appcelerator’s Titanium provides an extensive library of application extensions in its module marketplace which makes it a good fit for those who want to leverage web-based skill sets for multi-OS application development. Likewise, many platforms offer variety of tools and resources to help you develop the app that you have in mind. PhoneGap is another good choice if you are looking for rich tools for developing media-based applications.

  3. Supported applications

  4. Some companies offer excellent platform for B2E and B2C applications. They offer hybrid applications that provide the benefits of both native app development as well as web app development. For instance, Syclo offers good hybrid applications while Sencha offers more of web app and less of native app development. So if your company is into web application and Java script, Sencha is a good fit and if you wish to avail benefits of both native and web app development, Syclo is a good option.

  5. Easy to learn

  6. SAP is one of the most difficult to learn and use, but it still has a large following because of its flexibility. If your developers are looking for something with an easy learning curve, then you must make sure you provide that. The platform you choose should match the skill sets your company has.

  7. Cloud scalability

Titanium comes with pre-integrated cloud services whereas Antenna allows you to build applications for mobile devices and deploy them as clouds. However, not all platforms provide cloud scalability. In this day and age, when cloud has become a necessity, it is important that your platform supports cloud development too.

These pointers will help you choose amongst the array of mobile app development platforms available. Once you have chosen the platform that will suit your requirement, development work becomes easy. So always keep these pointers in mind when looking for the right mobile app development platform for you.

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