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5 features that make SugarCRM the Best CRM Tool for your Business

04 Jan 2013

The advancement of technology has made the implementation of CRM important not only in the field of pre-sales and post sales but also in marketing, sales force, technical help, customer call center and field services. The system focuses on improving the feedback from different teams in the company. It is a great way to increase your business, retain your customers, and save money while doing so.

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Top 5 SugarCRM features that can help your business:

  1. Affordability: The cost of entry is low and the open platform of SugarCRM is cloud based making it even cheaper than most of the on-premise solutions. It is a cost effective way to constantly interact with customers.
  2. Flexibility: SugarCRM features a great flexibility as it integrates with the existing CRM products with ease. SugarCRM uses a common language and utilizes REST API and SOAP and there are no hidden fees or limitations giving a greater control. There’s also a plethora of add-ons that can be used with it. SugarCRM also operates in open environment ensuring more control on your company’s future growth.
  3. Social: It offers an Activity Streams dashboard that facilitates you to see Facebook friends, and news feeds and also see with whom you should get connected on LinkedIn, and read tweets of the people you follow in the dashboard. The platform allows you to add a Twitter handle to a contact and read their tweets directly in the lead record. SugarCRM also ensures amazing e-mail integration, letting you synchronize calendars, tasks and contacts from MS Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Lotus Notes, Gmail and also any IMAP mail server.
  4. Collaboration and Project Management: SugarCRM provides a complete project management solution along with the marketing automation, sales management, and customer support used by employees to manage customer focused activities. Since project management is incorporated with SugarCRM’s customer data, users no longer need to fret with inaccurate or redundant information, poor information sharing, or lack of flexibility.
  5. Mobility: This is a great feature for sales professionals as they are often on the move. Using SugarCRM client information can be accessed from your tablet or smartphone and allows you to add info in real time. This ensures that your sales team can send your prospective client an email within minutes of your adding information to SugarCRM mobile even if it is a chance encounter.

With a great variety of additional features, SugarCRM has gained tremendous popularity among large and small companies.

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