Enterprise Tech News: Improved Apple App Store Search, Microsoft DMTK for Machine Learning, Drupal 8 Refines Digital Experiences

20 Nov. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Apple makes improvements to App Store search algorithm, Microsoft releases an open-source toolkit for machine-learning, and Drupal 8 Brings in Personalised & Multichannel Digital Experiences

Better Search Algorithms in Apple’s App Store

Improved App Store Search Algorithm

Mobile application developers and industry insiders have observed a major change in Apple’s App Store’s search algorithm results.

According to experts, the top app search results now seem smarter and more relevant in contrast to earlier months. This maybe due to a series of changes started by Apple in early November. In particular, the updates are around how apps surface when users enter keywords to find an app. This is a common way to look for an app in a crowded app store that may have a million plus mobile applications. While Apple continuously improves its algorithms, the manner in which applications show up and rank in searches plays a very important role in the App Store’s success. Some studies have shown that at least 50% of iOS apps are found via search.

Microsoft Announces Open-Source Toolkit for Machine-Learning

Microsoft Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit

Microsoft has released a new open-source machine-learning toolkit called Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit (DMTK). It contains a topic modelling algorithm, a framework to train models on multiple servers and a word-embedding algorithm for natural language processing. According to George Thomas of Microsoft Research, with these new tools, developers will be able to handle machine-learning at scale with fewer servers.

In an introduction to DMTK, Microsoft states “Bigger models tend to generate better accuracies in various applications. However, it remains a challenge for common machine-learning researchers and practitioners to learn big models.”

Drupal 8 Brings in Personalised & Multichannel Digital Experiences

Drupal 8

Drupal Association has launched its latest stable version named Drupal 8 for the worldwide community of developers, businesses, and organizations. The new version introduces hundreds of new breakthrough capabilities to deliver digital experiences across all channels of customer interaction and seamless user experience.

“Drupal 8 answers the call for a flexible digital platform built for the future,” said Dries Buytaert, creator and project lead of Drupal and Acquia co-founder and CTO. “It provides a modern development framework, a reimagined user experience, and tools that empower builders to create digital experiences that are multilingual, mobile and highly personalized. It brings together contributions from more than 3,000 users and developers to deliver the most important advances in digital experience delivery the market will see this decade.”

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