A Call to Awake India – Abhi Nahi, Toh Kabhi Nahi

31 Dec. 2010 General

Just recounting the past couple of months in India as a whole! Let’s put up some dots and try to connect them, let’s see where they lead India? Can we draw some inferences? Can we foresee some opportunities, we as Indians?

Let’s set the clock to zero starting with the Kashmir issue? Yes! It’s still an impending issue, but couple of weeks back, came a seemingly unique solution of ‘Special Interlocutors’ with an 8 Point agenda. Whether it solves the Kashmir issue or not is yet to prove the test of time, but it brought a lot of relief to a turbulent Kashmir and a nervous India. Yes, we are not yet there to get the mystery perfectly entangled, but we have certainly walked the talk. An uncharacteristically aggressive (yet, fitting and long deserving) reply by Mr. S.M Krishna, Foreign Minister of India to some unscrupulous remark by his Pakistani counterpart raising the Kashmir issue on the UN General Assembly. “Pakistan cannot impart lessons to us on democracy and human rights,” Krishna said. Wow Mr. Krishna, Finally we spoke at UN and gave it back to them. For once, you echoed the sentiments of Indians, finally!

Then, out of nowhere, old can of worms was opened. The Great Ayodhya Issue! The whole country was anxious, very anxious rather! – The dreadful memories of 1992-93 returned back to haunt the country. Speculations were on all time high. Tensions escalated for an unnerving showdown. Judgment apart, common Indian was more concerned about the fallout than the actual couple of yards of ‘Disputed’ structure. The decision was out! Not a single unwanted incident in a country standing on razor edge. Amazing! Sorry, Astonishing! After all the efforts from the menacing media to spice up the issue, INDIANS took the decision in their strides. Yes, parties remain unhappy, (as expected) Apex court will call all the shots, but for the time being, India reigns supreme. Message: We want to MOVE on…

Common Wealth Games! After all the mess for the past God knows how many months, with the nations pride at stake, we are seemingly pulling it off! Not only pulling it off, but doing it in great fashion. Keshav Danukar, the 7 year old Tabla Prodigy, standing up on his own enthralling millions across the globe, sending a silent signal to the world! “Get ready, I (The Young India) am coming your way & I am here to stay!” Indian tradition & culture at display! Not as flashy as Beijing or Melbourne or Vancouver for that matter, but very Indian! Message: We are not followers; we’ll create our own way and be what we are, Indian! Best depicted by our culture and tradition, most importantly, Diverse one at that. Couple of hours of swashbuckling display and the whole CWG turned on its head from Hall of Shame to Hall of Fame! Look at the bigger picture and you’ll find every Indian say, we knew it, that we’ll pull it off! You know why? Because, we believe in ourselves! Jodd… Jugaad ya Jholl, we fire only when our backs are against the wall. And Fire we did! Leaving the world media bamboozled and the participants who withdrew for ‘whatever’ reasons, perplexed, “Did we underestimate India?”

Sensex crossing 20k and the IPOs are hitting the D-street at the rate of knots. Even the most conservative, Coal India Ltd. after all those strikes by labor unions and workers, set the markets on fire with one of the biggest IPO launches in Indian PSU sector. India keeps on attracting investors across the globe. Markets are ‘disappointed’ with positive figures from the government, they want more! Wow! Where are those days when 5% used to be an exceptional growth rate for us?

UNSC seat as a Non-Permanent member. Yes, we deserved it way back, but Whatsmore, we won hands down. Acknowledgement of India being a superpower? Oh Yes! USA came up with that staggering remark and the country embarked in glory. Some over optimistic and confident Indians went one step ahead and said, we don’t need a testimony from the US, and we already know it. But, read between the lines, a silent acknowledgment even by the likes of China and Japan… now that’s what we call ‘Respect’. Barak Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, Wen Jiabao and the latest Dmitry A. Medvedev! Wow! What happened all of a sudden 4 developed nations heading to a ‘developing’ nation back to back? Good for you India!

With a staggering growth rate, Bihar came to the limelight second next only to our very own Gujarat. People were skeptical, of whether this growth will be responded by a mandate for Nitish Kumar and Co. or the Muslim Yadav (MY) politics of caste help Laloo Yaday return to the jungle raaj. The answer came from the most unexpected and ever so silent corners of the state… Women! Symbolizing the emergence of yet another force, that will reshape India’s future in the times to come. With a hope for a better life and livelihood, Nitish Kumar’s ‘development’ hopefully has changed the way elections will be perceived in India. I am completely apolitical, but hate it when people term Elections as a number game and caste permutations. Finally, there is some light at the end of the tunnel, and we might just see ‘Development’ as key election factor, than Mandir, Masjid, caste, etc.

Yes, we as a country still fight to get many things in place; Starting from Corruption to price rise, from external terrorism to internal turbulence of Red Terror, from poor infant mortality rates to depleting tiger counts. But, cherish the moments as a proud Indian. Look back 5 years ago and did we ever think we’ll see India progressing at this pace. I reiterate, we are far from being ‘there’, but we are on the right track. At least, we are talking about accountability on all levels of governance. Corruption hopefully gets nailed, but at least NOW chief Ministers are resigning without having their illiterate wives replacing them, overnight… just like that!

I also feel that the time is absolutely rife for the youth of India to stand up and be counted. ‘Abhi Nahi Toh Kabhi Nahi’ (means-It’s now or never) is hence a call to awake for all of us, for thousands of Indian minds in the Silicon Valley, for those in Wembley, in Melbourne, in Singapore, all across the globe. We need minds and money to come home and focus to help us return where we deserve to be!

And as I began saying “Abhi Nahi toh Kabhi Nahi”

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