A Learner’s Paradise – A Chance for Learning New Things Everyday

10 Jun. 2011 General

It isn’t a new insight to know that learning is an inevitable process for growth. Working for an IT company in the Learning & Development function compels me, to further delve into the dynamics of learning and how it impacts performance.

In a recent article I read about an individual’s orientation to adapt to change, I got closer to confirming my thinking on the relation between learning and performance.

Although it talked about change management, it attributed the success of an individual’s capability of adapting to change with his/her learning or performance orientation.

Individuals either have an orientation to learn called ‘learning orientation’ or to results and outcomes called ‘performance orientation’. While a learning orientation talks about an individual’s inner drive to increase knowledge and skills which are pre-requisites to enable one to do things better, a performance orientation is an individual’s desire to see visible results. They are more likely to measure the outcomes for e.g. did I get a 50% or an 80% and so on.

It might come as a surprise to know that performance oriented individuals may fail to learn!! However this is quite true! Since the attention of a performance oriented individual is channelized toward the end result, they often digress from the learning process. Although, those with a performance orientation will succeed getting results, they may not do so in the long run. On the other hand, those with a learning orientation, may not produce the expected performance immediately, however will eventually do so in the long run and continue to demonstrate superior performance.

There is immense food for thought in this segregation that could lead knowledge management professionals and teams to revisit and further modify their ways of inducing a learning pattern in their people.

A Learner’s paradise lies in his/ her daily orientation to work, people, ideas, experiences and a strong desire to make everyday a chance to learn!

The more closer we bring ourselves and our teams to this place, the stronger we become as a learning organization.

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