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Digital Ad Order Management With Data Analytics Solution [Case Study]

05 Nov 2019

Advertising companies today hold a wealth of data. It includes booking requests, inventory & time-slot availability, and more. A possible lapse in assessing such large datasets would result in missing out of timely asset allocation. It would result in the organization missing out on potential sales opportunities and, ultimately subsequent revenue loss. In such a scenario, a custom business intelligence and analytics mechanism can help advertising firms to draw information from varied data sets for making profitable business decisions in real-time.


Learn how Rishabh Software helped a Europe-based outdoor advertising company with a BI-powered online advertising booking system to improve their ad inventory management in real-time and turn leads into sales.


Project Overview

Our customer was seeking the implementation of business intelligence abilities in their existing ad order management system. It would help them to overcome the issues of non-optimized asset allocation, delay in addressing the booking request, and unsold inventory.


Besides, they wanted us to:

  1. Integrate a data visualization tool to view and manage various elements of the booking system in real-time.
  2. Provide a data analytics system to examine and transform large datasets into useful insights to predict sales trends.


  • Improve response time to bookings from 30 minutes to under 2 minutes
  • Understand the working of the digital media inventory management system
  • Address the issue of asset allocation during peak season
  • Integrate real-time booking requests from multiple applications
  • Ensure to prevent overlapping or duplication of bookings even with concurrent user access

Our Solution

We divided the project into two phases.

Phase-1: Documentation

First, we got in-depth knowledge of our customer’s business. It was along with the understanding of their existing booking management methodology across applications.


Our team created comprehensive documentation comprising of business process workflow and the pain points to address while developing the solution.


Further, we integrated a data visualization tool to provide an overview of the entire system through BI dashboards.

Phase-2: Development

We developed a BI algorithm to enable the maximum asset allocation through the real-time advertising booking system. Towards this, inventory classification, asset allocation rules, identifying the best case for reshuffling, and time-slot availability for concurrent booking requests were some of the considered parameters.


As part of this, we scaled the servers vertically by implementing clusters and applying the dynamic load balancing process. Through that, we optimized hardware and software applications to manage bookings with real-time memory processing.

Business Benefits

  • Automation of error-prone process saves a lot of productive work hours
  • Data visualization offers real-time monitoring of bookings per region, per segment, and per point of sale mechanism to act upon them
  • Advanced analytics support demand forecasting based on peak sales season, most preferred region, asset availability, and time-slots
  • Efficient asset allocation helped reduce unsold inventory percentage from 60% to 10%
  • A BI-powered media inventory management solution enables faster closure of the entire booking process under 1 minute


To conclude, Rishabh Software successfully integrated the data analytics and BI capabilities in the online advertising booking system. Today, the solution helps the customer to stay on top of the changing market trends for their over a million advertising panels across the world. It helps them identify potential sales trends and efficiently manage real-time asset booking.

Customer Profile

European multinational outdoor advertising company

Technology and Tools

  • Redis In-memory Data Structure Store
  • Spring Boot Open-Source Java-based Framework
  • Kafka Distributed Streaming Software Platform
  • MySQL Database Management System

Leverage Analytics For Inventory Management

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