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Amazon – The Web Giant, Changes Cloud Strategy for CIA

19 Jun 2013

Amazon turns its back on its staunch beliefs to sign the multi-million dollar deal with the CIA.


The news of Amazon sealing a deal with the CIA has raised many eyebrows as up until now, Amazon staunchly opposed the idea of working on a private cloud.


New-age companies like Google and Amazon, believe that computing services should be offered over the public cloud. This belief was in stark contrast with the older tech giants like IBM and HP, who believe that providing cloud computing services inside private data centers is much more secure.



Amazon signing the pact of providing cloud services to the CIA is not that big a news as much as the way it will provide these cloud services. Contradicting its firm stand on providing cloud services across a public cloud, the web giant has agreed to provide cloud computing services to the CIA over private cloud. The AWS, according to the GAO ruling, are to be modified as per the requirements and built on the private data centers, on the premises of the CIA.


The web giant had previously made a point to let people know that private cloud was not a cloud at all; a cloud, by definition, is the one that can be made available to everyone through public internet. Although Amazon cloud services have been extended to government and financial agencies through GovCloud and FinQloud, it never really agreed to build cloud services over a private cloud.


Hence, when Amazon was asked to comment on their deal with the CIA, they stated that their contract with the CIA does not indicate any big changes in the company. Rumors though, indicate that AWS are being provided to various other clients including large enterprises over a private cloud.


We can now only wait and watch to see how public cloud becomes a strong contender for security or whether private cloud would be the only solution for it.