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Enterprise Tech News: Android App-Mirroring Support By Microsoft, Google’s Voice Control App, Adobe Document Cloud Updates

05 Oct 2018

This tech news roundup features: Microsoft Announces App Mirroring to Access Android apps on Windows 10, Google Launches a Voice Control App for People with Limited Mobility, and Adobe Document Cloud Strengthens Mobile Apps, Improves Collaboration Tools, and Adds AI Form Recognition.

Microsoft Announces App Mirroring To Access Android Apps On Windows 10


Microsoft announced a new Windows 10 feature that enables Android phone users to view and access any app on their device from the Windows desktop. The new feature on the lines of app mirroring as termed by Microsoft appears in Windows like an app called “Your Phone.” This app is a significant step to help bridge Windows 10 and mobile ecosystem after the Windows Phone’s demise.


Before this update, Microsoft did announce the feature to transfer the web pages from an iPhone to Windows 10 desktop to help you pick up from where you left off on your mobile. Microsoft will initially offer the mirroring of Android stock texting and photos apps whereas; the fully featured Android app support will come up soon.


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Google Launches A Voice Control App For People With Limited Mobility


Google launched a new voice control Android app to help individuals with mobility and motor impairments in controlling their devices better. The app titled Voice Access, enables users to navigate through the applications in their phone, write and edit text, and communicate seamlessly with the Google Assistant. Through this app, the users will get specific results with phone controls, like they can use their voice to tap the buttons or even adjust controls within the apps. They can also scroll or navigate the app screens as well with this voice control app.


If the user wants to write or edit any text, they can start with saying “OK Google,” and say open the preferred app with “open” command. Based on the assigned Voice Access, the users can select and interact based on their choice. The users can then answer the message aloud and also edit it as they go. Google has listed a bunch of commands on the Support Page, which includes how to adjust the specific phone settings, general controls and more.


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Adobe Document Cloud Strengthens Mobile Apps, Improves Collaboration Tools, And Adds AI Form Recognition


Adobe Document Cloud, the suite of apps and services by Adobe recently announced a series of updates for Acrobat Reader Mobile, Adobe Acrobat DC. The smooth workflow for Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader Mobile will aim to make the tasks like PDF sharing and approving, documents editing, business cards scanning, and forms signing faster and more straightforward than before.


With this release, Adobe wants to ensure that it is delivering what customers seek while listening and understanding the challenges faced by them. The most significant change focuses on collaboration that assists document authors in circulating PDFs among the reviewers with a link.


There are also in the Home view across the Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader where the incoming and outgoing tasks appear at the top as “To Do” cards with improved recent files list boasting a contextual menu for editing, document merging, sharing, and signature request shortcuts.


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