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Enterprise Tech News: Google will Switch from Oracle’s Java APIs to OpenJDK, Windows App Studio New Features, Rails 5.0 in Beta

01 Jan 2016

This week’s tech news roundup features: Google using OpenJDK in Android N, Microsoft announcing Windows App Studio update to help deliver better apps, Ruby on Rails latest version 5.0 declared.

Google Adopts OpenJDK for Next Android Update


Google has decided to move away from Oracle’s Java APIs to OpenJDK, an open-source version of Oracle’s Java Development Kit (JDK). This change will be implemented in the launch of Android N, the next major OS update.


This announcement comes after months of secrecy around the news and appearance of code from OpenJDK on Android updates. According to Google’s statement in VentureBeat, “In our upcoming release of Android, we plan to move Android’s Java language libraries to an OpenJDK-based approach, creating a common code base for developers who want to develop apps for Android. Google has long worked with and contributed to the OpenJDK community, and we look forward to making even more contributions to the OpenJDK project in the future.”

Microsoft Windows App Studio Update to help Developers Deliver polished Apps


Microsoft has announced a number of updates to its free Windows App Studio beta web service that can be used to build Windows apps. App Studio is a drag-and-drop, template-centric software development tool. The updates include ability to connect with a WordPress blog, new templates to get started, novel ways to display app content and additional tools that can include ads in apps.


These additions will assist developers in controlling the overall look and feel of their applications. According to the organization’s official blogpost, “We introduced a new WordPress data source that lets you connect your app to your WordPress blog. It pulls in content and displays it beautifully in your app so you can free your blog from the Web and get it in front of 110+ million Windows 10 users by publishing it to the [Windows] Store.”


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Ruby on Rails 5.0 Beta Version Announced


Ruby on Rails has just declared the first public beta edition of Version 5.0. This version comes after a decade of Version 1.0’s debut. The aim of this new update is to maintain the Rails existing customer base and attract new ones with the host of new features.


One of the biggest change is that Rails 5.0 runs only on Ruby 2.2.2 and above. It is a known fact that Rails developers were interested in the enhancements and functionality specifically in Ruby 2.2.2. Apart from this, the update includes a new framework called Action Cable that can handle WebSockets. There’s also a JavaScript layer that can handle client-side interaction.


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