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Enterprise Tech News: Google Launches Android P Beta, Microsoft Open-Sources Azure IoT Edge Runtime, Google Announces its Lighthouse Update

11 May 2018

The tech news roundup of this week features: Google launches the beta version of Android P, Microsoft open-sources Azure IoT Edge runtime, further embraces Kubernetes, and Google announces an update to Lighthouse, its website optimization tool.

Google Launches the Beta Version of Android P


Google recently launched the first Android P beta. For developers, this is the second Android P preview, and they can start testing the apps against this release. The preview comes with an updated SDK, the official Android Emulator, and system images of Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL.


The first preview, launched in March 2018 was not available via the Android Beta Program to ensure that it is only for developers and not intended for every day or consumer use. However, the Android P beta is available on Android’s official website.


Dave Burke, the vice president of Android engineering, announced that there are three themes for Android P: 1) intelligence, 2) simplicity, and 3) digital well-being. He also highlighted various new features of Android P’s what’s new in this release and how it correlates with each theme.


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Microsoft Open-Sources Azure IoT Edge Runtime, Further Embraces Kubernetes


Microsoft recently made announcements about open-sourcing the Azure Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Runtime, the launch of Project Kinect for Azure, and embracing more Kubernetes. Last month, Microsoft announced a$5 billion investment in the internet of things (IoT) for the next four years, tripling the company’s prior spending.


The introduction of Azure IoT Edge by Microsoft will let edge devices run Azure services, AI, and custom logic to not only generate insights but also to act on them both autonomously and locally. However, Microsoft is first open-sourcing the runtime of Azure IoT Edge to let customers modify, debug, and access more control on edge applications.


Developed on open source technologies, Azure IoT Edge can easily integrate with other projects like Kubernetes. Microsoft also announced that it had added support for Kubernetes management via Virtual Kublet project to offer developers the ability to include identical configurations across the IoT Hubs.


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Google Announces an Update to Lighthouse, its Website Optimization Tool


Google recently announced that it is launching Lighthouse 3.0, an update to its website optimization tool that helps developers optimize their websites and audit their performance. The latest update is focused on more precise and actionable metrics like the page load time and other components, which might be slowing down the site.


Google is also working to make sure that websites run quickly and smoothly with products like Google AMP. The Lighthouse 3.0 is aimed to optimize websites, increase engagement and, drill further down to what is happening.


The update is vital for Google too for surfacing up all its websites and getting people in with the best experiences. However, if developers need to analyze smaller components bit-by-bit to figure out the reasons for any website failure. Lighthouse will give developers the way to look further for the failing indicators and find out what exactly might be making the website experience less than optimal.


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