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Enterprise Tech News: Android P Renamed To Android Pie, eBay APIs Access To Third Party Developers, File Explorer’s New Dark Theme In Microsoft Windows 10

17 Aug 2018

This tech news roundup features: Google names Android P as Android Pie, eBay Opens Access to Image Search, Machine Translation, and Marketplace APIs, and Microsoft Releases new Windows 10 Preview with a Dark Theme for File Explorer.

Google Releases the Customer Ready Version of Android P as Android 9 Pie


Google recently announced the release of its upcoming operating system – Android P where P stands for Android Pie. It succeeds Android Oreo and will push the latest source code to AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Android Pie will be an over-the-air update for all the Pixel phones at this point.


Android Pie will offer a host of new features like built-in display cutouts’ support (read: notches), smart replies in notifications, altered Quick Settings panel, rational UI for fingerprint authentication, privacy enhancements limiting apps’ functioning in the background, Adaptive Battery and Brightness features (Google DeepMind’s courtesy). Not only this but Android Pie will have App Actions to predict user’s next steps. App Slices for surfacing an app’s user interface inside the Google app’s search results, BiometricPrompt API to prompt the user for any supported type of biometric authentication, multi-camera APIs to enable you access streams simultaneously from two or more cameras.


New system navigation as a single home button with Android Pie allows the users to swipe up from anywhere and have a full-screen preview of their recent apps in use. Further, it also offers Smart Text Selection that recognizes the meaning of the text selected by the user and prompts the relevant actions.


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eBay Opens Access to Image Search, Machine Translation, and Marketplace APIs

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The eCommerce giant – eBay recently made the news with developer-focused announcements, by allowing third-party access to their back-end technology. It will enable developers to benefit from the Image Search API (Application Programming Interface), by allowing them to add the computer Vision-powered eBay search features to their platforms. To access this, the developer will have to register as a member for the eBay Developer Program with no additional cost.


eBay is also routing a new Machine Translation API for developers. Initially, it will be available for the English-to-Mandarin translations and will aim to help the enterprises with marketing their sites for China, and ensure that localized product titles and descriptions are made available for the Chinese consumers. The API works well even in reverse ,i.e. from Mandarin to English for search queries. eBay plans to further expand the said translation API for additional global markets.


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Microsoft Releases New Windows 10 Preview with a Dark Theme for File Explorer

Microsoft released another preview for Windows 10 with a dark theme support in File Explorer and revisions to the Narrator. The dark theme development offers a preview of what to expect in the next Windows 10 release. The build is from the RS5 (Redstone 5) branch, representing one of the significant Windows 10 update scheduled for release later this year. It is also releasing the builds from the 19H1 branch, that, as the name indicates, are expected to arrive during the first half of the next year.


Developed-as-a-service will allow Windows 10 to add new features on a regular basis. Microsoft has so far released five significant updates for Windows 10, with 1. The November Update, 2. The Anniversary Update, 3. The Creators Update, 4. The Fall Creators Update, and 5. The April 2018 Update.


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