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Enterprise Tech News: Google Android Studio 3.5 Beta Released, Angular 8.0 With Ivy Preview, Microsoft Releases .NET Framework 4.8

16 May 2019

This tech news roundup features the latest Android Studio 3.5 beta release, layout plan of Angular 8.0 with Ivy, and the upgraded version release of Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8.

Android Studio 3.5 Beta Is Out – With Improved Speed And Stability


During Google, I/O 2019 conference, the company announced the release of Android Studio v3.5 beta. The 3.5 beta version offered fixes for bugs and other problems as experienced by developers.


The new version provides more stability and quality to IDE which was missing with studio 3.3 which was released earlier this year.


With this release, Google will continue with the Project Marble. It is focused on three core areas: the health of the system, polishing of features, and fixing bugs. The studio 3.5 beta to provide the powerful ability to deliver app features along with the other vital optimizations and fixes. It will help the development teams fulfill the requirements of creating particular app features, and provide the compatible the version of the app for the targeted devices.


Other key features of Android Studio 3.5 Beta First Version include:

  • Improved performance with Android NDK
  • Build speed optimization through incremental annotation processing
  • Data Binding Library to reduce the latency in UI of the editor window
  • Android Emulator to minimize CPU usage
  • Improved Lint check, Gradle sync, UX, and update performances


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Ivy Renderer Will Be Integrated Into Angular 8.0 Opt-in Preview


A layout plan of Angular 8.0 release in May 2019 is expected to include the new rendering engine called Ivy which was announced in February 2018. With this release, the popular Javascript framework for mobile and desktop applications will offer enhanced coding and router abilities.


The Ivy renderer is mainly focused on three aspects:

  • Reduced bundle sizes
  • Faster app loading even on slow connections
  • Quick debugging and simple interface


Ivy also backs the locality principle that authorizes pre-compiled code shipment, metaprogramming, and compilation without Metadata.jsn. The release will comprise of an opt-in preview of Ivy in Angular v8.0 this month. It means that the development team can now build applications with Ivy runtime instructions instead of the View Engine build.


According to Angular developer advocate Stephen Fluin, “Ivy preview is aimed for great backward compatibility.”


Further, the Angular 8.0 release is aimed to make the larger AngularJS projects easy through lazy loading for a portion of coding to make TypeScript Angular transition. Fluin also explained that the JavaScript bundles would have an improvement in loading speed and Time To Interactive (TTI) on modern browsers using differential loading. The Angular 8.0 is also planned to bundle more features & improvements than the ones mentioned above, and it will be confirmed in the final release, as Fluin said in a blog post.


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Microsoft Releases.Net Framework 4.8 Version- What’s New


Microsoft has released .Net Framework 4.8, which is a significant framework update almost after two years. It includes improvements in Windows Forms, WCF, WPF, and WorkFlow. There are also changes in BCL (Base Class Library) and CLR (Common Language Runtime). The fixing of bugs and other security vulnerabilities are the other significant inclusions.


The .Net 4.8 is included in Windows 10 May 2019 update. It is also available in Windows 7+ as well as Windows Server 2008 R2+. Also, this time, instead of introducing more features, Microsoft has focused more on removing bugs, patching security weaknesses, and performance improvement in all product areas.


The release contains new hashing algorithms to generate checksums and in-memory cache keys to WorkFlow. It also comes with fixes for current accessibility problems. In short, the .Net 4.8 will significantly affect WorkFlow, WCF, and WPF.

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