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Android With or Without Google Services is Still Growing

22 Jul 2013

Android activations have grown to 1.5 million a day, but the growth still perceived as stalled.


Android OS has been growing ever since it was launch in 2008 and has now reached as high as 1.5 million activations per day. The cumulative activations of Android devices have reached a whopping 900 million. These figures are astonishing, especially looking at what little time the OS has spent in the market.


However, many perceive these figures as indications of a stalling growth for Android. Although, if we go back to the Q2 figures indicated by Google in the Google I/O, the figures were the same. This definitely does not indicate that Android devices are gradually becoming less popular.



On the contrary, Android is now not just Google’s Android anymore. Few countries such as China have started developing Android devices that do not have Google services in them. This means that any Android device that does not have Google services will not be counted in Google’s data.


With this, we can understand that though all Android devices may not have Google services in them, they’ll be still popular amongst people. Google, though, has reported a mere 19% growth in its overall revenues in the second quarter of this year, the company is still expected by its users to grow and reach tremendous heights, Android included.