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Enterprise Tech News: Angular V7 Released, Oracle Acquires DataFox, iOS 12.1 Released With New Emojis, Group FaceTime & More

02 Nov 2018

This tech news roundup features: iOS 12.1 arrives with Group FaceTime, Camera Improvements and New Emojis, Angular 7 Goes Live with New Features, and Oracle acquires DataFox, a ‘Predictive Intelligence as a Service’ Developer.

Angular 7 Goes Live With New Features


The seventh version of the JS (JavaScript) framework Angular releases with quite a lot to offer. The new features of the Angular 7 include the updates for Node 10, TypeScript 3.1, and RxJS 6.3. The Angular platform consisting of the CLI and Angular Material/CDK is also further developed for this purpose.


Angular 7 brings many innovations like updating the library versions. Though the new version of Angular supports Node 10, the library will also have the Node 8 support. The TypeScript Release 3.1 will enable Angular with many new features like the declaration of properties to functions, the mapping of tuples and arrays, and the most significant – the new “unknown” type.


The “unknown type” is the type-safe counterpart of the “any” data type. It restrains TypeScript from making assumptions about the data type used and allows all conceivable accesses to a declared variable. If a variable is declared with the data type “unknown,” no query is allowed at first, and all queries must have secure type guards.

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Oracle Acquires DataFox, A ‘Predictive Intelligence As A Service’ Developer


Oracle recently announced that it is buying a ‘Predictive Intelligence as a Service’ development company, DataFox. The acquisition is aimed to enhance both, the quality of data that Oracle provides to the business customers, and its AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities. The duo will also elevate the Oracle Cloud Applications with AI-derived company-level data and signals. It will enable customers to make better decisions and reach new business outcomes.


DataFox is a startup that manages a vast company database. It currently covers 2.8 million businesses and is adding 1.2 million each year. The startup uses AI to analyze and make extraordinary business predictions. The business intelligence from this service helps with a range of CRM-related services from prioritizing sales accounts to finding leads and more. DataFox counts Goldman Sachs, Bain & Company, and Twilio among the ones using its services.

iOS 12.1 Arrives With Group FaceTime, Camera Improvements, And New Emojis

The tech giant, Apple Inc. made iOS 12.1 live with Group FaceTime, and 70 new emojis for iPhone and iPad. Apple’s FaceTime changed the way users communicate and share significant moments. Now, with Group FaceTime you can chat with more people than before – from 2 to 32. It is more fun and flexible to add people to your FaceTime call, join an active call, or use the same camera features as available in Messages. From adding stickers, filters to appearing to friends and family as a Memoji or Animoji.


iOS 12.1 also comes with Depth Control in Camera and Dual SIM support iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR users. The advanced depth segmentation in the Portrait mode enables more refined portraits with professional-level bokeh. Users will also be able to adjust the depth of field in real-time preview With this update in iOS, the new X series of iPhones gains Dual SIM support – a nano-SIM and digit eSIM. It will enable users to activate another cellular plan from a carrier without a physical nano-SIM.


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