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Enterprise Tech News: Angular 8 Stable Version Released, Apple’s iOS 13 With New Features, JDK 13 Released

06 Jun 2019

This tech news roundup features the release of Angular 8.0, Apple iOS 13 with anticipated dark mode, and the feature evaluation of upcoming Java 13.

Angular 8.0.0 Is Here – What’s New In This Famous JavaScript Framework


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Angular- one of the most popular open-source web application frameworks recently released its 8.0.0 version. This latest Angular release includes updated Angular CLI 8.0, Bazel support, new methods in markAllAsTouched and FormAraay.clear forms, the new syntax in lazy-loading routes, a bunch of things included in the location services for smooth migration, breaking changes in ViewChild and ContentChild, added features for ngUpgrade, and a lot more.


Angular 8.0 also supports Typescript 3.4, which was recently released by Microsoft to provide a least expensive way to type-check and to make convenient project changes. Development teams can now easily migrate to this latest version of Angular without making significant changes.


This new version will focus on Ivy renderer as well which we covered in our last news roundup. Along with the Ivy compiler, the Angular V 8.0 comes with an extensive list of bug fixes and a few necessary breaking changes.


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Apple Releases iOS 13 With Anticipated Dark Mode And Other Features


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Apple announced some remarkable updates during its 2019 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). It included taking away of the iTunes, and introducing the arrival of iPadOS, new Mac Pro, across the latest versions for MacOs, WatchOS, and much more. However, one of the most significant highlights of this conference was the announcement of the new iPhone Operating System, iOS 13 with the much anticipated ‘Dark Mode.’


It will enable users to turn everything in their phone screen to a dark color, including Music and Messages. A new, detailed version of Apple Maps was also unveiled, which includes HD street view images and a more reliable view of the world than before. Further, the Face ID unlocking feature will now react 30% faster, and the apps will launch at double the speed compared to iOS 12.


Other significant changes included in the latest Apple OS are:

  • New swiping keyboard
  • Entirely updated Reminder app
  • Tweaking of core applications like Apple Mail, Notes, and Safari
  • Displaying profile pictures & names in the iMessage app
  • Merging of old Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps into a single application called “Find My”
  • Improved privacy, and much more.


The new “Sign in with Apple” feature will help development teams to log into apps and services without revealing any personal information. A developer preview of iOS 13 is already available to download, and the public beta program will go live later this month.


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JDK 13 – What New Features Are Coming To Java 13


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The next version of standard Java will include planned features for Java Development Kit (JDK). The Java 13 will come with significant improvements in text blocks, application class-data sharing, and garbage collection.


The proposed features of upcoming JDK 13 are:

  1. ‘jpackage’ tool development for packaging self-contained Java applications. It will allow development teams to specify the launch-time parameters during the packaging phase.
  2. Improved usability of AppCDS (application-class data sharing): It will enable dynamic class archiving and removing the need for conducting trial runs for creating a class list for each application.
  3. The Z Garbage Collector (ZGC) will return the un-used memory to the Operating System, which is currently not possible.
  4. The replacement of net.Socket and APIs implementations with the legacy socket API will allow easy debugging and managing execution.
  5. Addition of text blocks will predictably format the string and enable development teams to get control over the format.

The production of switch applications is also expected in JDK 13 to provide a beta implementation.

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