APIs: A Growing B2D Market In Cloud Computing

02 Sep. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Developers are now using APIs on the front run for developing software applications, new businesses and partnerships. This B2D market is growing at a fast pace, the fastest growing opportunity within cloud computing.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) were once an obscure entity within cloud computing. However, with time, APIs have now become a ‘digital glue’ empowering developers in creating applications, partnerships and businesses. API, which is a specification for how two software interact with each other, was first recognized by Web 2.0 companies.

Google APIs

APIs were recognized as products that were to be shared with, sold to customers and partners. Earlier, developers used APIs as means to help different teams work without interfering in each other’s work. However, within a few short years, APIs have now become a crucial channel for attracting customers.

Having a strong API strategy has not only become a good software practice but has evolved into a powerful business practice. Some of the tech giants that have a strong API strategy include AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Maps, Twitter, Salesforce.com and Twilio. Many experts debate whether it can be taken a step further to make a business API-first or API-only.

This business model would be aimed at making it simpler for developers to execute difficult tasks and that too at a reasonable price. Companies having adopted this model have seen success in the B2D market. Developers are also building a new marketplace of API-driven mobile apps rapidly, which is predicted to be worth $25 billion in 2015.

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