Mobile Crash Reporting Tools for iOS & Android

20 Jul. 2015 Software Testing & QA

Mobile applications created by iOS & Android developers often face issues when the app crashes or hangs. Although developers put in their best efforts to develop a bug-free app, there are possibilities of app crashes that need to be looked at.

Today, there are many application crash reporting tools for Android & iOS available in the market. They detect mobile app crashes and create log details, so the bug can be investigated later. They also send an email summary on how often the app crash occurs and at what time. But, you may wonder which of these crash analysis tools is the best for my app? Read on to find out!

Crash Analysis Tool

Mobile Crash Reporting Tools – Android & iOS

Mobile crash reporting tools make a developer’s life easier, as it’s nearly impossible to test for every possible scenario. From a user perspective, a crash is a frustrating event. When the mobile app just stops working without giving any feedback, this results in lost data and unhappy users. Installing a crash reporting system in the app helps get details such as the OS version, the device type, and the application version — to track down the source of the bug to fix it. This way, you can turn each crash incident into an opportunity to improve your app!

A crash reporting and analytics tool is a combination of two main components: a reporting library and a server-side collector. The role of the reporting library is to prepare the details about a crash and the server-side component collects the crash data to present it in a meaningful way.

We have compared the best mobile crash reporting tools available in the market. They deliver many features required by developers. Some features are free and Open Source, while others are part of a paid version.

Features Crittercism Crashlytics TestFairy TestFlight
App Distribution No Yes Yes Yes
Logs Yes – Paid Yes Yes Yes
User Feedback No No Yes Yes
Video Recording No No Yes* No
Crash Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Service API Monitoring Yes – Paid No No No
Breadcrumbs Yes – Paid Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Yes – Paid Yes Partial # Yes
Production Support Yes Yes Not Recommended Yes
User Or Number of Apps for Free 30K MAU Unlimited 100 Users & 2 Apps 25 internal Testers & 1000 Beta testers


  • Red indicates that this feature is only available in paid version
  • TestFlight is only available in iOS8+
  • * TestFairy’s free version provides 200 recordings/month
  • # Crittercism provides basic analytics free of charge however advanced details need premium plan. In addition, the free plan has limit of 30K MAU

Rishabh Software leverages mobile crash reporting tools to ensure the mobile application developed for your business is bug-free.

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