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31 Jul. 2014 Mobile App

Developing a robust enterprise mobile application across multiple platforms is a daunting task even for an expert developer. One needs to increase efforts to implement each elemental aspect, to code applications that are functional, responsive and compatible with any device.

Implementing all features for all devices is not exactly a child’s play, even for the most brilliant developers. That’s why multiplatform development frameworks such as Appcelerator Titanium & Adobe PhoneGap have emerged as some of the best development solutions for mobile applications.

Titanium, an open source mobile app development framework, enables developers to rapidly build native, hybrid and web applications. Its developers use JavaScript as the coding language as it provides the native capabilities for platforms including Android, Blackberry OS, iOS, Windows Phone and Tizen.

Apache-licensed software development kit, also known as Titanium SDK is the core component of Titanium mobile app development. Appcelerator also offers an Apache-licensed, Titanium-based model–view–controller framework and Titanium Studio, a proprietary integrated development environment.

This unique model enables Appcelerator to identify and promote ecosystem technologies that drive the most interest. With the increase in demand for complex smartphone applications, an ideal choice is to create cross-platform applications is through Titanium.

Titanium mobile application development framework

Titanium helps create hybrid mobile application that works on multiple platforms

Features of Titanium application development

  • One of the core features is the cross-platform API for retrieving and accessing the native UI components such as navigation bars, menus and dialog boxes, and native device functionality including the file system, network, geolocation, accelerometer and maps.
  • It provides an easy and transparent access to major native functionality.
  • It works on powerful web technologies like AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.

Titanium App Development Advantages

  1. Easy to Learn and Deploy: Titanium developers can easily use the framework as it comprises of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax and JavaScript.
  2. Open Source: Titanium enterprise app development is a cost effective option for enterprise developers as it is free and open-sourced.
  3. Easy-to-Access Native Features: Developers can easily access the native mobile features as the framework comes with a platform-independent API. With this, feature-rich applications are created with advanced native features such as cameras, touchscreens, navigation, GPS and more.
  4. Simplified Coding Structure: Because it supports HTML5 and other robust web technologies, one can build apps that are compatible with iOS, Android and other powerful platforms.
  5. High performance: Titanium developers can create high performance apps, as the framework is packed with various functional entities that delivers a high-performance application.
  6. Provide Quick Prototype: One can build quick prototypes as Titanium cross platform mobile development framework comes with an integrated environment.

Why Rishabh Software

Rishabh Software is a global software development company offering titanium development services with its team of titanium developers. Through our 5+ years of mobile app development experience in cross platform mobile, we’ve helped clients achieve their business goals by being their technical partners for hybrid and cross platform mobile app development.

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We can help you implement a mobile strategy by developing and deploying a titanium mobile app developed across all major mobile platforms for your business. Also know more on how an enterprise mobile app can enable employees to quickly take critical decisions that maximize business productivity.

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