Weekly Tech Roundup: Apple & IBM Release 8 Enterprise Apps, Amazon D2 Series, Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise

03 Apr. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features Apple & IBM partnership releases eight new apps for various industries, Amazon strengthens its web services by introducing D2 for managing Big Data and Microsoft makes life easy for developers and enterprises by simplifying its Visual Studio pricing structure.

Apple & IBM Release 8 New Enterprise Apps For Healthcare, Banking, and Transportation

Apple & IBM release enterprise apps
Apple and IBM’s partnership to produce enterprise-friendly apps has released eight more apps designed for the iPhone and iPad. With the addition of the new apps, the total number of  MobileFirst  apps developed is now 22. The new apps are focused primarily on the healthcare, banking and finance, travel and transportation industries. The healthcare apps developed use Apple’s iBeacon proximity technology where the app focuses on reducing the operational costs linked with managing patient information by connecting with a hospital’s own systems, and also allowing its users to manage patient info, including discharges, right from the iOS device.

Amazon Increases Cloud Instances For Scaling Up Big Data

Amazon launches second generation D2 series
Amazon has launched a second generation of dense-storage servers for its web services called D2 series. Storage-optimized servers are designed to give users access to multiple terabytes of data, with the virtual servers and storage tied together with high I/O throughput rates. The D2 is focused to deliver parallel processing data warehouse, log processing, and MapReduce jobs with great host for network file systems and data warehouses said Jeff Barr, Amazon Web Services chief evangelist.

Microsoft Simplifies Visual Studio Pricing & Structure

Visual Studio 2015 Pricing & Structure Simplified
To make life a little easier for developers, Microsoft is simplifying its Visual Studio offerings, with its new pricing structure. This week,  Microsoft  combined its Visual Studio Premium and Visual Studio Ultimate into one single package called Visual Studio Enterprise with Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN). The new package features CodeLens, which helps users find references and changes to code, linked bugs, work items, code reviews, and unit tests. CodeLens will now be offered in Visual Studio Professional, while the Community edition will receive support for PowerPoint storyboarding.

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