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Enterprise Tech News: Apple Set to Rebuild its Maps, General Availability of Azure IoT Edge, Google Unveils Android P Beta 3

06 Jul 2018

This tech news roundup features: Apple is Rebuilding the Maps from the Scratch, Microsoft’s Azure IoT Edge Opens up for General Availability, and Launch of Android P’s Beta 3 by Google.

Apple Announces Rebuilding of Maps from the Scratch


The technology giant, Apple is rolling out more detailed maps built from its data for the first time. Scheduled for launch with their upcoming iOS 12 updates, Apple is rebuilding the map service using the data accumulated anonymously from its users and through a fleet of its cars with cameras and sensors.


The updated maps by Apple will have a visually engaging layout, better responsiveness to alert roadworks and closures, traffic, foliage, and pedestrian numbers. As shared by Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President of Apple, the company is trying to create and hope that it is going to be the world’s best map app while taking it to another step in the row, building all of Apple’s map data from scratch.


The new app will be first launched in the San Francisco Bay area with availability for the rest of Northern California and other regions of the US by October and over the next year respectively. The app will also be weaved together with the current Apple Maps’ version.


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Microsoft’s Azure IoT Edge Opens up its Universal Access


Microsoft is rolling out Azure IoT Edge, the service bringing computing and AI (artificial intelligence) processing to IoT devices for the masses. Azure IoT Edge allows users to set up and run AI, custom logic, and Azure services on IoT devices.


Microsoft has been redirecting its mission around “intelligent cloud and intelligent edge” tools and services for a couple of years. According to Microsoft, the “edge” is where users can interact with the cloud. Edge devices can be virtual/mixed-reality headsets, drones, on-premises PCs, servers and more.


Azure IoT Edge will enable users to scale deployments across a plethora of devices via Automatic Device Management service of Microsoft, the officials said. The software development kits are also available for C, C#, Python, Node.js, and Java. However, there would be built-in support for VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) and development tooling for the service in lightweight VS (Visual Studio) Code tool by Microsoft.


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Google Announces Android P’s Beta 3


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Google recently announced the near-final version of its upcoming OS (Operating System) Android P. It is released a month after Beta 2 and will account for a large number of bug fixes and stability tweaks. Beta 3 is the last major beta update, which the company is rolling out for the developers before the final version of Android P is released for the general availability later this summer.


Android VP of Engineering, Dave Burke shared in a blog post that the finalized developer APIs had featured in Android P update, and Beta 3 is very close to what users will see as the final version of the latest Android OS.


The finalized APIs will offer the developers with the convenience of running the test and developing apps for the new Android P software. The new system tools include multi-camera support, display cutout (notches for days), ImageDecoder, and enhanced notifications.


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