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Enterprise Tech News: Apple Talking Smart Watch For Seniors, Google Assistant Gets New Features For CES 2019, Unveiling Of HoloLens 2.0 By Microsoft

18 Jan 2019

This tech news roundup features: Reports of Apple Talking Smart Watch for Seniors with MA, Google Assistant gets new features for CES 2019, and Unveiling of HoloLens 2.0 by Microsoft.

Reports Of Apple Talking Smart Watch For At-Risk Seniors With Private Medicare Plans


Apple is reportedly working with Medicare Advantage (MA) plans to bring its subsidized SmartWatch for the seniors. The Apple Watch will prove to be an asset for at-risk seniors. It is with advanced health tracking features, like fall detection (which is only turned on by default for customers 65 and older) and a built-in ECG, and more.


With more than 22.6 million beneficiaries signing up for Medicare plans in 2019, MA penetration is on pace to hit 50% by 2025 — and 70% sometime between 2030 and 2040. A CNBC report suggests that the company is discussing prospects with about three Medicare plan providers.


Apple is in discussion with several large and smaller private Medicare plans to find ways to offer the Smart device at subsidized prices. As per the report, the plan providers want Apple to showcase the benefits of features on AppleWatch. It is identified as one of the challenges. Though, it is expensive than the lower-end fitness trackers, the report highlights. It is estimated that the price of the said hardware will presumably come down with future versions offering long-term benefits.


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Google Assistant Gets New Features At CES 2019


At the CES 2019, Google had a host of announcements along with the unveiling of new and advanced features for its Assistant. It is set to launch by the end of 2019.


One of the highlights of this AI software is a new mode for fast and efficient translation – the Interpreter. For example, Google Home speakers and connected screens will now be able to offer an instant translation service by asking, “Be my interpreter in English,” or one of the 27 languages already available. Earlier intended for home usage, Google will use this feature for professional settings. It will enable you to have a real-time conversation in different languages.


Google Connect, a new platform linking your Assistant-enabled objects to your non-Google Assistant devices is set for launch by the end of 2019. Thanks to this, the devices will be able to retrieve information from your Google Assistant.


Thorough integration of Google’s navigation system is the Google Assistant’s Maps feature. It will allow users to add detours, respond to your messages and communicate the journey without dipping out of the navigation app.

Unveiling Of HoloLens 2.0 By Microsoft


Microsoft’s return to the annual World Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona during February 2019 will witness positioning of HoloLens Version 2.0


The conference at MWC 2019 will feature Satya Nadella, Alex Kipman and Julia White. The HoloLens 2.0 aims to fix the technical limitations present in the original HoloLens AR headset. Microsoft had previously confirmed that the next HoloLens will be powered by an AI processor for machine learning. The second generation of the AR headset may deliver improvements in the field of vision including eye tracking, as well as a lighter body for added comfort.


Further, it is also anticipated that Microsoft is also working on several new devices, including a modular Surface Studio and even a folding Surface Centarus. Though, announcements related to these devices might not be a part of the MWC 2019.


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