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Top App Store Optimization Techniques

02 Sep 2015

Organizations create apps not just to generate revenues but also engage users with their services. The mobile space is dynamic and many new innovations are enabling organizational success in the long run. As an app maker, if you’re able to customize experiences, offer an answer to an unmet consumer need or simply entertain the average user – you have a winner.


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Enabling customers to use your app/services on the go is one of the ingredients for success. An even more crucial element is optimizing your mobile app website. This process is known as ‘App Store Optimization’ (ASO) – a concept that marketers and app store owners are catching onto.


ASO has begun to play an important role in enhancing the performance of mobile marketing. As a business owner, you may be tempted to advertise your mobile app on your company site, to educate customers and clients, but you will miss out attracting those who haven’t seen your site yet. The goal is to get more downloads for your app AND more user downloads. According to Forbes, ASO can help you accomplish both these objectives.

Have a look at some of the most important ASO optimization techniques:

  1. Keyword Research: Similar to SEO best practices carried out for websites, your app page should have ‘relevant’ content. By relevant, we mean the use of terms that are typically sought out by users of your app. The challenge is to strike a balance between distinct levels of difficulty and page traffic. Organic traffic is usually due to a basic Appstore search, thus keyword research is important.
  2. Description/Title: Having a succinct title that explains your apps’ purpose will help to get more downloads. Using keywords in description is necessary especially if you don’t have a blog/other content to attract bots to your app.
  3. App Icon: Using the company logo as your app icon can be eye-catching and help users in acknowledging your brand. This won’t affect the bots crawling your app, it will improve your app downloads and ratings over a time span.
  4. Ratings/Reviews: Soliciting reviews for mobile apps is very similar to the process followed for SEO. iOS and Google Play stores prefer apps that have a sufficient number of favorable reviews and ratings. Genuine reviews will help improve app rankings in both these mobile app stores. With a good number of authentic reviews, an app will move up in rankings in both these mobile app stores.
  5. Downloads: Implementing ASO tips suggested above should lead to an increase in the number of downloads for your app. Marketing your brand and a rise in awareness with regards to your app also affects the number of times it is downloaded. In addition, bots view a large number of downloads favorably and this enables your app to climb up in app store rankings.

ASO helps developers to understand the factors that compel potential consumers to install an app. With a carefully executed mobile marketing strategy, the app store can be thought of as a ‘virtual storefront’ for your business. Applying the suggestions listed in this article will surely result in the success of mobile marketing for your organization.


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