Enterprise Tech News: ASP.NET Core 2 Preview 2 Is Now Available, Google Unveils New G Suite Security Features, Shopify Teams Up With eBay

21 Jul. 2017 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft introduces the second preview of ASP.NET Core 2, Google rolls out new security features for G Suite users, Shopify partners with eBay.

ASP.NET Core 2 Preview 2 Is Out Now

2nd Preview Of ASP.NET Core 2 Now Available

Microsoft has released the second preview of its ASP.NET Core 2 framework. It brings templates for Single Page Applications (SPA) to Visual Studio. It makes the AngularJS, Redux, and ReactJS templates (which were originally introduced with the first preview) accessible within the Visual Studio’s new web application dialog.

Developers will now be able to build ASP.NET Core 2 applications using .NET Core framework. ASP.NET Core 2 further includes some configuration and management additions for Kestrel web server, allowing to set limits for the following parameters:

  • Maximum Client Connections – It is possible to set a maximum number of concurrent HTTP/S connections.
  • Maximum Request Body Size – It sets default constraint for the entire application.
  • Maximum Request Body Data Rate – It lets you set minimum request rate and per-request data rate. But if a connection falls beyond the minimum, it is timed out.

ASP.NET Core 2 also allows you to work with the latest C# 7.1 features like inferred tuple names, default expressions, pattern matching generics and more. The preview is available for download here, while the final release will be rolled out in the third quarter of 2017.

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Google Launches New G Suite Security Features To Block Unverified Apps

For G Suite Users New Security Features By Google Are Out Now

Over the period of the last few months, Google has been steadily adding an array of new security features to its G Suite including improved protection for Gmail accounts, whitelist procedures, and anti-phishing tools. The company now introduces a new warning screen for unverified web applications and app scripts.

Google claims that the new warning screen for unverified apps will significantly cut down on phishing attacks from within G Suite by providing users with the information on dodgy web apps and scripts. The new screen will replace the error page the developers and users currently receive. The unverified app screen will appear prior to the permission content screen for the app and inform the users that the app is yet to be verified. This will also help the developers test their application more easily.

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Shopify Adds eBay As Its New Sales Channel

New Partnership Between Shopify and eBay

Shopify has teamed up with eBay to allow its store owners to sell directly through the online marketplace. eBay hosts a massive audience of potential customers and Shopify gives its merchants an opportunity to get quickly reach out to them. The new Shopify-eBay integration will feature immediate syncing of inventory information including product title, price, description, and other details.

Merchants can directly import the orders placed on eBay for fulfillment as the messages from eBay buyers will be sent through that platform. This means Shopify will let the merchants manage their entire eBay-based commerce alongside other online marketplaces such as Amazon, BuzzFeed, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

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