Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Unveils Azure Analysis Services Preview, AWS Rolls Out Server Migration Service, PurpleJS Joins Java & JavaScript

28 Oct. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft announces Azure Analysis Services preview, AWS unleashes Server Migration Service, and PurpleJS links up Java with JavaScript development.

Microsoft Launches Public Beta Of Azure analysis Services

Microsoft Announced Azure Analysis Preview

Microsoft has announced that it will launch the public beta of Azure Analysis Services. It will give users the access to semantic data modeling tools on the cloud. With the Analysis Services coming to Microsoft’s cloud platform, customers will be able to access the disparate data sources on-premise and on the cloud, and business users will have a simplified view of their data while enabling interactive self-service BI along with data discovery through their preferred data visualization platform.

Azure Analysis Services is based on the proven analytical engine which is embedded within SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services. Besides the new cloud services, the company is also releasing new tools that will help in migrating to SQL Server’s latest version while expanding a free trial of Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Users who want to sign up for the free trial will have to move quickly as Microsoft will be taking trial sign-ups until December 31.

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AWS Launches Server Migration Service For Virtualized Workloads

AWS Unleashes Server Migration Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has unleashed Server Migration Service which makes it easier for enterprises to migrate virtualized workloads to Amazon EC2. The users will be able to replicate their live virtual machines to AWS without any downtime.

Businesses can automate, schedule, and track the incremental replication of their live server volumes with the AWS Server Migration Service. The IT administrators can use the migration tool by installing a connector that analyses the operating virtual server environments and collecting the instances while it works.

“Businesses need to move their existing IT infrastructure to the AWS without scheduling prolonged maintenance periods for data migration,” Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist at AWS said. “Because many of these applications are mission-critical and are heavily data-driven, taking systems offline in order to move gigabytes or terabytes of stored data is simply not practical.”

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PurpleJS Conjoins Java With JavaScript Developments

PurpleJS Links Java With JavaScript Development

PurpleJS is an open-source and an advanced framework to use JavaScript while developing your existing Java projects. It provides the ability to run the final creations on Java VM. It can be used as an alternative to Node.js asynchronous programming model.

Besides offering a unified platform that enables Java and JavaScript projects, the framework also provides a multithreaded application environment. It even facilitates running the same code on a browser and server. Moreover, the developers can extend their existing Java applications including some JavaScript snippets.

The code and documentation for PurpleJS are available on GitHub.

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