Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft To Unveil Azure Container Registry Preview, Google Releases Firebase Test Lab Free Tier, Redis Open-Sources Redis-ML

11 Nov. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft issuing preview of Azure Container Registry, Google announces Firebase Test Lab free tier, and New Redis module accelerates Spark-based machine learning.

Microsoft To Launch Azure Container Registry Preview

Microsoft Issuing New Azure Container Registry Services For Developers

Microsoft is introducing a new Azure Container Registry service, a private registry for developers to host container images for running applications on Azure infrastructure. With this update, Microsoft Azure becomes a cloud provider offering broadest support for container deployments.

Azure Container Registry service preview will be made available on November 14 stated Corey Sanders, Director of Compute for Microsoft Azure, in a blog post. “Using the Azure Container Registry, you can store Docker formatted images for all types of container deployments,” Sanders wrote. “Additionally, the Azure Container Registry integrates well with the orchestrator offered by the Azure Container Service. When you use the Azure Container Registry, you will find it compatible with the open source Docker Registry so you can use the same tools on ACR.”

Moreover, Microsoft will also open-source the tool’s underlying engine and enhance the service for enabling people to utilize open-source Kubernetes software as the orchestration tool for containers in place of Mesosphere’s DCOS or Docker Swarm.

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Google’s Firebase Test Lab Introduces A Free Tier

Google Firebase Test Lab Launches A Free Tier

Google has announced some updates for its Firebase backend-as-a-service platform. The update includes a tool for testing applications on both physical and virtual devices free of charge. It also comes with new physical devices to test on the Nexus 6, LG G4, Galaxy S series devices, Moto G series devices from Motorola unit of Lenovo, and Sony’s Xperia Z3 and Z5.

It further launches Firebase’s crash reporting tool version 1.0, enhanced real-time analytics which comes integrated with Google’s BigQuery database service, improved support for game developers using Unity, and a new Firebase Udacity course for Android and iOS developers.

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Redis Open-Sources Redis-ML For Faster Spark-Powered Machine Learning

Redis Releases New Open Source Project Redis ML

Redis Labs has announced a new open-source project, Redis-ML to accelerate the delivery of real-time predictions and recommendations for developing interactive applications in combination with Spark ML (Spark Machine Learning). The newly introduced module speeds the real-time predictive analytics for use cases like risk evaluation and fraud detection in financial products, content and product recommendations for retail applications, demand forecasting for manufacturing apps and sentiment analysis of consumer engagement.

Spark ML provides proven machine learning libraries for the classification and regression tasks. As combined with Redis-ML, apps will be able to quickly deliver accurate, reusable machine learning models and with lower execution latencies.

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