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Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Released Azure Container Service, 3D Touch Confirmed For Android N, Oracle Released Critical Patch Update

22 Apr 2016

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft makes Azure Container Service generally available, Google confirms feature like 3D Touch in Android N, and Oracle security update fixes 136 vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Announces General Availability Of Azure Container Service


Microsoft has launched its Azure Container Service. It was first announced in September and the preview was released in December. Azure Container Service is now generally available and can be used to deploy and manage container-based applications on Microsoft Azure public cloud service.


A container is a computing unit that contains the code and can be transported from one server to the other. Many containers together can run on a single server simultaneously, and considering this they present a more improved alternative to a virtual machine. Azure Container Service will soon become available as part of Azure Stack.


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Google Confirms 3D Touch-like Support For Android N


Google has confirmed that the latest Android N will have a 3D Touch like feature called Launcher Shortcuts that will work on pressure sensitivity display technology. Launcher Shortcuts feature debuted on the new beta version of Android N. It will allow you to press down harder on Android applications from the app page and access the functionality quickly.


So, the upcoming Google smartphones will finally have this technology implemented. But, sadly, the list of devices with this feature is limited for now that includes – Huawei Mate S, Vernee Apollo, and ZTE Axon mini.


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Oracle Security Patch Update Fixes 136 Vulnerabilities


Oracle has released its latest patch update which includes 136 fixes for across a suite of Oracle software. According to Oracle’s security advisory, the April Critical Patch Update (CPU) includes security fixes for total 49 products, including Java, MySQL, Solaris and Database Server. Oracle has released the patch update using Common Vulnerability Scoring Standard (CVSS) 3.0 for the first time rather than an old CVSS 2.0 scoring system.


Moreover, the company fixed 22 vulnerabilities in Oracle Fusion Middleware. A highest CVSSv2 rating of 10.00 was awarded to 7 vulnerabilities patched in this update.


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