Enterprise Tech News: Public Preview of Azure Container Service, Google Open-Sources TensorFlow Serving, Microsoft Acquires Xamarin

26 Feb. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft Azure Container Service Public Preview announced, Google open sources TensorFlow Serving to ease deployment of large Machine Learning models and Xamarin acquired by Microsoft

Microsoft Azure Container Service Public Preview Available for Developers

Azure Container Service for managing clusters of virtual machines

Microsoft’s Azure Container Service, a Docker-friendly container management product and the data center orchestration specialist Mesosphere, are now available in a public preview for developers. The Azure Container Service was launched in October 2015 and only a few select customers had access to it. The service was introduced to counter the challenges faced due to Docker’s increasing popularity on the cloud.

According to a blog post by Cory Sanders, Director of Program Management, Azure, “The Azure Container Service makes it easy to create and manage clusters of Azure Virtual Machines pre-configured with key open source components. This work couples Azure’s hyper-scale and enterprise-grade cloud with your choice of proven container technologies, Mesos + Mesosphere’s Marathon or Docker Swarm, to deliver the foundation needed for the orchestration service any team or company building container apps will want.”

Know more about what makes Microsoft Azure, the Cloud Platform of choice for Enterprises world over here: https://www.rishabhsoft.com/blog/azure-application-development

Google TensorFlow Serving for Large Scale Modeling Projects Now Open-Sourced

Google TensorFlow Serving for easy deployment of machine learning models

Google has recently open-sourced TensorFlow Serving, a software that simplifies the deployment of machine learning models that are able to draw inferences from new data. Available on GitHub, TensorFlow Serving works with their already open-sourced TensorFlow deep learning framework. However, it can also support other tools also. This launch is primarily aimed at developers who want to bring their machine learning models into production

As per Noah Fiedel, a Google software engineer, “TensorFlow Serving makes the process of taking a model into production easier and faster. It allows you to safely deploy new models and run experiments while keeping the same server architecture and APIs.”

Machine learning is fast gaining popularity in the tech world. Promoted by startups and companies like Facebook and Google, it can aid in natural language processing, speech and image recognition.

Xamarin Inc. Acquired by Microsoft Corporation

Xamarin taken over by Microsoft

Xamarin, the cross-platform development platform, has been acquired by Microsoft. Xamarin helps developers build apps that run both on Android and iOS operating systems. By leveraging C# and .Net, Xamarin has also let Windows developers easily build apps beyond the Windows ecosystem. With Xamarin on board, Microsoft is well equipped to handle the customer expectations that center around iOS and Android-like user experiences.

As per Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Group, “With today’s acquisition announcement we will be taking this work much further to make our world class developer tools and services even better with deeper integration and enable seamless mobile app dev experiences. The combination of Xamarin, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services, and Azure delivers a complete mobile app development solution that provides everything a developer needs to develop, test, deliver and instrument mobile apps for every device. We are really excited to see what you build with it.”

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