Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Azure Data Lake for Big Data, Google Cloud Security Scanner for Web Apps, iOS App Slicing Released

09 Oct. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features Microsoft announcing Azure Data Lake Analytics, Google’s Cloud Security Scanner out of beta and iOS 9 App Slicing feature.

Microsoft Introduces Azure Data Lake Analytics for Improved Big Data Management

Microsoft Azure Data Lake Analytics

Microsoft has launched Azure Data Lake Analytics, its cloud-based service that will run big data queries on enterprise data stored on the company’s public cloud.

What is interesting about the launch is that this service uses a new querying language developed by Microsoft. U-SQL has been created with aspects borrowed from the popular SQL query language and C# programming language.

According to T. K. Rengarajan, Corporate VP of Microsoft’s Data Platform, “SQL-based tools make it easy to get started but difficult to extend. We faced the same problems and that’s why we introduced, U-SQL, which unifies the ease of use of SQL with the expressive power of C#.”

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Google’s Cloud Platform Security Scanner Out of Beta

Google Cloud Platform Security Scanner

Google has made its Cloud Platform Security Scanner tool available out of beta and that too for free.

As per Matthew O’Connor, Product Manager at Google, the Cloud Security Scanner “can detect issues like cross-site scripting (XSS), Mixed Content, and Flash Injection or alert developers to the usage of insecure JavaScript libraries”. The scanner audits a Web application in a number of steps. First, it rapidly checks the app’s HTML code, that provides the front-end interface for users. Thereafter, it digs deep into the JavaScript code that runs the business logic for the site. A thorough examination like this helps reveal any vulnerabilities that may exist in the application.

However, this new service only functions with the Google App Engine platform as a service (PaaS) and not the complete Google Compute Engine infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Apple’s App Slicing Feature Released with iOS 9.0.2

Apple App Slicing

An iOS 9 feature called ‘App Slicing’ (aka App Thinning) has finally been made live. App Slicing was put on hold owing to a bug found in the iCloud Backup.

App Thinning reduces the amount of storage space that apps occupy through the delivery of optimized packages for specific devices. The issue with iCloud has now been fixed as announced by Apple. In addition, users will be able to access device-specific versions of the apps for those who use iOS 9.0.2 and beyond. Those on previous version of the OS will continue to receive what Apple terms ‘universal apps’.

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