Enterprise Tech News: Azure Functions 3.0 GA, Laravel V6.10 Release, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce App Announcement

16 Jan. 2020 Enterprise Tech News

This tech news roundup covers the announcement of Azure Functions 3.0 as well as the releases of Laravel v6.10 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce App.

Azure Functions 3.0 Comes with .NET Core 3.1 Support

Azure Functions 3.0 By Microsoft

Source: Wikimedia

Microsoft recently announced the release of Azure Functions 3.0. It comes with the support to .NET Core 3.1 (LTS) and Node 12, as well as many other new capabilities.

Users can run the previous versions of Azure Functions in v3.0 runtime without any code changes. Also, the Microsoft team is rolling out the tooling and performance optimizations for using Functions 3.0 as the default for new applications.
Besides, Microsoft published a list of tracking items for this release:

  • Until the upcoming Durable Functions release, the Durable Functions that are written in JavaScript will not work.
  • After the general availability of version 3.0, the Azure Portal, Visual Studio, and Azure CLI would create apps in it by default.
  • You may need to tweak the FUNCTIONS_EXTENSION_VERSION to v3.0 manually to move to 3.x.
  • If you have deployed Azure Functions to Azure Functions premium plan in Linux, you need to update the LinuxFXVersion as well.

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Laravel V6.10 Released- What’s New

Laravel 6.10 Released

Source: Cleanpng

The Laravel team recently released v6.10 with eleven new features and many bug fixes. Also, this updated version comes with the support for PHPUnit v9, which is due in February 2020.
Key points of Laravel v6.10:
New features

  • withoutMix() and withMix() test helpers, which are identical to enabling/disabling exception handling
  • macro validateWithBag() helps to specify the error bag when you validate a new request
  • Generated columns support for PostgreSQL
  • PackageManifest::config() method to allow you fetch additional Laravel sections from package composer.json files
  • exclude_if and exclude_unless validation rules to easily exclude attributes based on their values from a request

Changes and fixes

  • RedisQueue::getConnection() is now public to find the Redis connection for the running job
  • CommonMark replaces ParseDown for Mailable Markdown parsing
  • Fixes of float datatypes in Blueprint and the code depended on getenv()
  • The model connection is now a default versio in the database validators

This updated version will help development teams to significantly reduce app development efforts and businesses to become more efficient, with faster time-to-market solutions.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce App Is Up For Release (With New Fraud Protection Features)

Dynamics 365 Commerce App By Microsoft

Source: Cleanpng

The new Dynamics 365 Commerce App is up for release on February 3, 2020. It is packed with new capabilities and will replace the existing Dynamics 365 retail app.
Here’s a preview of what is in store with this release;

  • It would help businesses to create exceptional buying experience for their customers with a robust back office, and eCommerce support.
  • Automated migration of the current Dynamics 365 Retail customers to the Dynamics 365 Commerce plan
    I.Though with some additional costs for the new eCommerce add-on capabilities.
  • Two new fraud protection features, i.e., Loss Prevention and Account Protection, will be available for public preview from March 2, 2020.
    I.Loss Prevention provides insights into the activities related to returns and discount frauds.
    II.Account Protection helps to identify the patterns for the hijacking activities during eCommerce account creation.
  • Dynamics 365 ConnectedStore app is currently in private preview. It uses AI-driven insights and IoT-connected applications to provide retailers with real-time insights and help improve their store performance.

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