Enterprise Tech News: Azure Functions Gets Java Support, Android 8.1 Beta Out Now, AWS Announces Aurora-PostgreSQL Compatibility

27 Oct. 2017 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft unveils the preview of Java support for Azure Functions, Google releases Android 8.1 preview with a new Neural Networks API, and Amazon makes Aurora-PostgreSQL compatibility generally available.

Microsoft Announces Java Support to Azure Functions Serverless Platform

Java Support For Azure Functions By Microsoft

At the JavaOne show, Microsoft unveiled the preview of Java support for Azure Functions, its serverless computing service. Azure Functions was recently re-architected to enable support for a variety of programming languages, and Java is the first new language that the company has introduced with this preview.

“The new Java runtime will share all the differentiated features provided by Azure Functions, such as the wide range of triggering options and data bindings, serverless execution model with auto-scale, as well as pay-per-execution pricing,” according to the company’s blog post. Until now, the serverless computing platform only offered support for C#, F#, JavaScript, PHP, Python, PowerShell, Batch, and Bash.

Microsoft has also made a Maven plugin available for Java developers that will allow them to write and deploy the Maven-enabled applications to Azure Functions. Rishabh Software is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner enabling SMBs and large organisations to leverage Microsoft’s wide range of technologies to build futuristic enterprise solutions.

Google Launches Android 8.1 Developer Beta With Neural Networks API

Android 8.1 Developer Preview Is Now Available

Google recently dropped the developer preview for Android 8.1, ahead of the mobile system’s official public release in December. It is compatible with Pixel, Pixel C, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Developers can download and flash the preview to their devices or load it through the Android Emulator.

The new Android 8.1 developer preview contains the following features:

  • Neural Networks API which is designed as a foundational layer for Machine Learning (ML) frameworks such as TensorFlow Lite, Caffe2, and others. It facilitates hardware-accelerated inference operations on the supported devices.
  • Android Go memory optimisations and targeting features a set of memory optimisations for Android Go configurations.
  • Shared memory API allows applications to allocate shared memory for quicker access to shared data.

The Android Beta Program members can download the preview over the air. Want to build or make your application compatible with Android Oreo? Connect with our mobile experts now to discuss your project requirements.

AWS Announces PostgreSQL Compatibility For Its Aurora Database

PostgreSQL Compatibility For Aurora By AWS

Amazon Web Services has announced the extensive preview of Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility. Aurora is a relational database that is fully managed and optimised for Amazon cloud. The Aurora-PostgreSQL compatibility version will allow customers who use PostgreSQL databases to deliver “several times better performance with scalability, durability, availability, and security as good as or better than commercial databases–all at one-tenth the cost.”

Additionally, the Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility can be accessed at an hourly rate, without zero upfront costs and commitments involved. The service can be scaled up to 64 TB of storage and is currently available in four regions of AWS including US East in Ohio, US East in North Virginia, EU region in Ireland and US West in Oregon.

Want to move your workloads from the on-premises databases to Amazon Aurora and leverage its compatibility with MySQL/PostgreSQL? Get in touch with our cloud experts for a free consultation now.

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