Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Azure IoT Hub launched, Swift Benchmark Suite Open-Sourced, Android Studio 2.0 Beta Released

12 Feb. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft released Azure IoT Hub for enterprises, Apple open-sources benchmarking suite for its Swift language and Google launches Android Studio 2.0 beta with updated features.

Microsoft Releases Azure IoT Hub For Businesses To Connect IoT Devices

Azure IoT Hub by Microsoft

Microsoft made its Azure IoT Hub, a big part of Azure IoT Suite, generally available on February 4. It is a cloud-based service to register, manage and communicate with devices connected through internet.

Azure IoT Hub helps businesses to develop and operate applications that integrate with connected devices. Sam George, partner director for Azure IoT at Microsoft, wrote in his blog that “IoT Hub is the bridge between customers’ devices and their solutions in the cloud, allowing them to store, analyze and act on that data in real time.” George explains that the service can be linked to other Azure services, such as Azure Machine Learning and Azure Stream Analytics.

Businesses can now manage a group of devices to gather data about the physical world without worrying about handling the group of devices or focusing on hardware and software. Along with the Azure IoT Hub release, Microsoft also partnered with Advantech, Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Libelium on the Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT program to offer companies a newly transformed IoT service.

Want to know more about Microsoft Azure cloud computing services? Here’s how you can use it to develop your business or mobile applications.

Apple Open-Sources Benchmarking Tools For Swift

Benchmarking tools for Swift programming language

Apple has open-sourced the benchmark suite for its Swift programming language. Developers use the language to build iOS or OS X apps.

The benchmark suite is designed to track performance and resolve issues of code written in Swift language before they are committed, said Apple engineer Luke Larson in a blog post on Swift.

It comes with 75 benchmarks to cover various important Swift workloads, libraries consisting commonly required benchmarking functions, driver to run benchmarks and display performance metrics, and a utility to compare metrics across Swift versions. Developers can find the code for benchmarking suite on Github under open-source Apache license.

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Google Launches Android Studio 2.0 Beta Version With Enhanced App Indexing & Multi-Touch Support

Android's latest IDE – Android Studio 2.0 Beta

Google has finally launched Android Studio 2.0 beta, another major update to its Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Android’s latest IDE brings in some important features for developers including:

  • Instant Run: A notable feature that provides a new capability called Cold Swap which allows developers to view and edit codes instantly.
  • App Indexing: The first preview of Android 2.0 allowed developers to add indexing code stubs into their code. But with beta version, they can test and validate URL links with built-in validation tool.
  • Android Emulator: The latest emulator is faster than other real devices and includes a brand new user interface. Multi-touch support to test the apps that used pinch and zoom gestures have been added to the emulator. Also, rotation controls have been updated on the toolbar.

Google says “the beta version release is near stable release quality and should be relatively bug free.”

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