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Azure Cloud Migration to Improve IT Efficiency

30 Mar 2016

Enterprises today are thriving to improve business efficiency & productivity. Optimizing the existing IT infrastructure and migrating to cloud has helped many organizations achieve business excellence.


Enterprise cloud adoption to Microsoft Azure is the next big trend followed in today’s time. Rishabh Software is a Microsoft Gold Partner, providing Azure migration & cloud development services. We help small & medium organizations to achieve cloud enterprise adoption through deploying internal portals, content management web apps and mobile services.

Migrating Legacy Application to Microsoft Azure Cloud

This video explains the current industry challenges and why migrating to Azure is a viable solution for you. It also showcases about the Azure migration services deployed for UK based client where we considered application compatibility, external / internal dependencies, application integration, application security & application management before migrating data & creating virtual machines.


The solution delivers key Azure benefits like: Minimal focus required on the infrastructure, no need to buy / maintain any infrastructure, easy scale-up and scale-out available in Pay-As You-Go model.

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