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11 Nov. 2010 General

There are four main aspects of communication: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. To become an effective communicator these simple rules of good communication skills can help in realizing one’s own unique voice and make anyone a effective communicator.

It is said “Personality decides your Performance” and a strong, persuasive language reflects your control. Some people are naturally effective communicators and are extremely well at communicating, whilst others somehow struggle to convey the message across to the listener/viewer. Effective communicators understand the subtleties of communication, and this is fundamental to their competency.

The most important part of having good communication is to remain relaxed, open, and confident. This would give you the look of being easy-going and people love to communicate with easy going people, because it’s easier to communicate! If you are confident in yourself, you will automatically speak more clearly and have better communication than someone who is not confident.

Effective communicators follow some basic communication rules, which will bring maximum response from the other party. The attitudes one brings to communication will have a huge impact on the way he or she composes his or herself and interact with others.

Here is what would help one to become a more effective communicator.

  1. Adjust your communication style to match theirs.
  2. Give your best and 100% attention to people who are talking to you.
  3. Always encourage other people to talk
  4. Ask the right questions at the right time
  5. Exhibit your ideas in a way that your listeners are receptive to your point of view.
  6. Be fair and let others know how you want to be treated.
  7. Encourage and support teamwork and work towards building cooperation and commitment.
  8. Show respect for people’s ideas and feelings, even when you disagree with them.
  9. Accept differences and conflict as a normal and integral portion of your work place and address them constructively.
  10. Strive to understand other people and to be empathetic.
  11. Be open to negative feedback.
  12. Communicate difficult truths in a respectful manner.
  13. Ensure that you have understood what other people are trying to communicate.
  14. Your presentations should project the best of your knowledge and the toughest of your confidence.
  15. Avoid being judgmental
  16. Follow through on your commitments.
  17. Focus to be able to work with difficult people without becoming negative yourself.
  18. Establish rapport with people
  19. Pay attention to people’s facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice.
  20. Speak with sincerity and conviction
  21. Keep it short and simple, one communication can accomplish only one objective.
  22. Ask for feedback; was the message understood.

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