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Benefits of Ajax Development

28 Apr 2011

Technology has always been in a state of continuous evolution. Today we can see websites for everything. As we keep on adding stuff to the websites, we keep on making them slower. And the user experience is going away from Desktop-like experience as we keep making the website heavier/slower.

Here Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and Xml) comes into picture. It is a collection of various technologies like JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT and DOM. JavaScript, XSLT and XML will work towards making client interact with the server and get the data without submitting entire form. HTML, DHMML and DOM will help in making updates to the User Interface.

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If you create interactive website using above mentioned core technologies, the website will be definitely faster than use of any of third-party Ajax frameworks available in the market including Microsoft Ajax which comes as inbuilt as a part of .Net Framework 3.5. For example, .Net Framework Ajax, makes Development easier and seamless at the cost of performance. E.g. if you want to receive latest cricket score from server, you simply have to call a method like GetScore() WITHOUT any Parameter. i.e. Client will not send almost any data to the server, if you use core Ajax. If you use Microsoft Ajax or any such third-party framework which is meant for rapid Ajax development, in background it sends ENTIRE VIEWSTATE to the server, it will definitely be slower than core Ajax. The difference will depend on Size of the Page. If you use core Ajax, it won’t significantly depend on the size of the Page.

Ajax development is compatible with most browsers like IE, Opera, FireFox, Google chrome, Netscape, Safari etc., hence it is free from the limitations of browsers.

So if you don’t use Ajax, you are lagging behind in the world of technology.

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