5 Top Mobile Payment Application Solutions For Businesses

21 Aug. 2014 Mobile App

Referring to our previous blog on mobile payments, Juniper Research has determined that the total value of mobile payments for digital and physical goods, money transfers and NFC (Near Field Communications) transactions will reach $670bn by 2015, up from $240bn this year.

These forecasts represent the gross merchandise value of all purchases and the value of money being transferred. So in the next five years, the development of mobile payment in both developed and developing countries will be driven through rapid adoption of mobile ticketing and NFC contactless payments. This article provides the big picture of the best mobile payment app used globally.

Best Mobile Payment Apps

  1. Square Order

  2. Square Order

    Square Order is best mobile app for local businesses

    One of the top end tools that helps customers to shop at a local business. Square Order is one of best mobile payment app as it lets shoppers place pick-up orders from, and pay at, coffee shops, cafes and other Square merchants right from their smartphone.

    This simple to use mobile payment app, by Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey, is one of the best mobile payment apps because it syncs all your essential financial information into one hub.

    The app works on location based services where it utilizes mobile’s GPS to scan the surrounding area and find merchants that are registered in the Square. Once that shop is discovered, Square tells the storeowner that a customer is nearby.

    Square Order App is accepted globally in Canada, the United States and Japan allowing individuals and merchants to accept mobile payments for Android and iOS smartphones. It also supports manually entering the card details or swiping the card through a hardware device called Square Reader. This piece small plastic device can be plugged into the audio jack of any supported smartphone or tablet and decodes the magnetic stripe of the credit card to carry out the mobile payment via app. For iPad, the Square Register app interface looks a lot like a traditional cash register.

  3. GotoBilling

  4. GotoBilling

    GotoBilling accept credit card, eCheck and cash payments

    The gotoBilling mobile payment application is one of the best mobile payment apps in the market today, designed to easily accept credit card, eCheck and cash payments in a quick and secure manner. It provides complete tracking of transactions, real-time reports of payment activity through robust integration with the gotoBilling payment platform and gateway.

    This is one of the top mobile payment apps for merchants as it provides functionality to swipe or manually enter eChecks, credit cards and cash from a customer from any device. gotoBilling provides an inexpensive and effective way to accept payments while on the go without paying the super high fees of aggregators. It is very easy to get your own merchant account for increased savings and faster funding times.

  5. Amazon Local Register & Amazon Wallet

  6. Amazon Mobile Payment App

    Put the Power of Amazon Behind Your Business

    Amazon recently launched the best mobile payment app called Amazon Wallet. This app is strategically launched by after debuting Amazon’s Fire phone for expanding its services into multiple business and generating additional revenues through multiple channels. Additionally with the mobile wallet app comes a mobile card reader called Amazon Local Register, which helps various merchants to collect payments from customers by swiping their credit/debit cards as the mode of payment. Mobile payment business is evolving like cloud services, due to which all the major players today are moving strategically to provide cheaper mobile payment options to the consumers.

    Amazon Local Register is proving to be a strong threat against its competitors like Square and Paypal. To increase its merchant channel, Amazon is offering a promotional rate of 1.75% per card swipe on credit and debit cards until Jan 1, 2016. Post the promotion, the rate will be revised to 2.5% per swipe and this will still be cheaper than the competitors — PayPal charges 2.7%, Square charges 2.75% and Google Wallet charges 2.9% per transaction. Amazon is also giving away the card reader free, since its $10 price tag is erased by $10 in transaction credit.

    Amazon’s strategic plan is to integrate its massive e-commerce presence with the brick-and-mortar businesses into a single and seamless mobile payment eco-system.

    Today, the average POS system cost around $1,500+ and extra for upgrades. In addition Amazon is also selling various merchant accessories like as cash drawers and receipt printers so that small businesses can assemble a modular “buy what you need” POS system.

  7. Isis Mobile Wallet

  8. Isis Mobile Wallet

    Pay for purchases by adding credit cards to your mobile Wallet

    It is one of the top mobile payment apps that lets consumers pay at merchant point-of-sale through NFC chips built into the mobile handsets or through “Isis Ready” NFC cases designed for the NFC-less smartphones. The Isis mobile wallet supports credit cards like American Express/Amex Serve, Wells Fargo and Chase.

    Primarily Isis mobile wallet is a joint venture between T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon for the mobile payment industry. The mobile payment app works on near field communication (NFC) that enables users to pay to merchants and business owners by tapping their mobile device on a payment terminal. The Isis mobile wallet has also partnered with the Barclaycard US and Discover network to help to increase the reach across different merchants.

  9. Dwolla


Send/receive money to/from your friends via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, or SMS.

Dwolla app is an unusual app, which helps you in paying and receiving payments without connecting to a hardware device or a swiping credit card. Dwolla app is an innovative app because it does not deal in credit card transactions at all.

Instead, Dwolla enables businesses and enterprises to accept financial transactions and transfers directly from customers’ bank accounts at a flat processing rate – $0.25 per transaction. Payments made under $10 are processed free of charge.

Dwolla is one of the best mobile payment apps available today, because it acts as a gateway between customer’s bank account and the merchant or enterprise account with which a transaction is executed using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

The setup process for a Dwolla account is done online using your laptop or smartphone. The registration process is quick and is extremely thorough as there are multiple verifications to establish security items and link accounts. The User interface for registration is quite simple and all the steps are clearly and succinctly explained. Dwolla App is an ideal choice for business and enterprise owners as it removes the confusing system of transaction fees that accompanies credit card payments. The application is compatible with iOS devices only.

New business paradigms, innovative processes, next generation mobile payment solutions and applications are all proving to have a significant impact on increasing the effectiveness of managing sales and reaching the enterprise goals.

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