Top 10 Tools for Big Data Analytics

27 Jul. 2015 Big Data

Big data analytics/platforms are helping organizations to shorten the information processing stage for various types of enterprise data. Many options for analysis emerge as organizations attempt to turn data into information first and then into high quality logical insights that can improve or empower a business scenario.

big data analytics tool

Best Big Data Analytics Tools

Some of the major big data entities in the market are:

  1. SAP Big Data Analytics

  2. SAP HANA and SAP IQ are a part of the Big Data platform. SAP IQ is a parallel processing database. Apache Hadoop and SAP HANA platforms can also be clubbed together. On the analytics side, predictive and text based analytics are possible.

  3. HP Big Data

  4. HP HAVEn and HP Vertica are the flagship big data products. HAVEn has hardware, software and services. Structured and unstructured data can be analyzed by HAVEn to generate meaning. Vertica Dragline helps organizations in cost effective data storage and makes it possible to skim it quickly using SQL functions.

  5. Microsoft Big Data

  6. Launched in 2010, Azure is a cloud-ready flexible platform by Microsoft. This tool aids in the conception, preparation and governance of applications on a worldwide network of Microsoft’s data centers. One strong point is that applications can be built on the basis of any programming language or IT framework and can also be combined with other cloud applications.

  7. MongoDB

  8. A leading NoSQL database, MongoDB enhances a business’s agility and scalability. A large number of big companies are using MongoDB to create novel applications, improve user experience and decrease costs.

  9. Teradata BigData Analytics

  10. Teradata has made a simple architecture called Unified Data Architecture in Big Data Analytics. Crucial business knowledge can be gained from the Teradata Aster Discovery platform using different data types.

  11. Google BigQuery

  12. This is a web-based service that allows companies to process large data sets using Google’s infrastructure. BigQuery can analyze billions of rows in a second. Using SQL, this service is known by its ease of use and scalability.

  13. Pentaho Big Data Analytics

  14. Pentaho provides across-the-board solution that supports an end-to-end big data life cycle. Irrespective of the data source, an individual platform affords developers the ability to extract data using visual big data tools and prepare it.

  15. Amazon Web Service

  16. Amazon provides a cloud-based analytics solution to manage and process volumes of data. In time streaming data, Hadoop clusters are supported.

  17. Cisco BigData

  18. Cisco’s Common Platform Architecture (CPA) has storage, computing and unified management features. CPA’s main characteristic is simple manner through which data is integrated with an enterprise application ecosystem.

  19. Talend Open Studio

  20. Talend is an Open Source product for developing, testing, deploying and managing data and other application integrated projects. It provides a unified stage to administer the complete life-cycle across enterprise boundaries.

In conclusion, the list above provides an overview of the popular data analysis tools in the market. There are plenty of others that maybe better suited to your business needs. Selecting the right company to fulfill your analytics needs is crucial when time and other resources are at a premium.

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