BigCommerce vs Shopify – A Comparison Between Two Best eCommerce Platforms

30 Sep. 2015 e-Commerce Development

It is often a challenge for new business owners to decide which shopping platform is better for them. A number of eCommerce platforms offer competing features at a competitive price. Ultimately, as an enterprise, you need to decide a platform which is closely aligned to your business needs.

In this post, we are going to compare two of the most popular eCommerce platforms – Bigcommerce and Shopify. In our opinion, the following evaluation criteria will help you consider whether Shopify or Bigcommerce – which one of them is right for your business.

comparison of BigCommerce and Shopify

BigCommerce vs Shopify

  • Design: Design matters the most. Your website/storefront is the first thing that users notice when they visit your online business. How many times have we been put off by an unattractive web page? Having a professional storefront plays a major role in inspiring credibility for your business.

    Shopify and Bigcommerce offer a variety of modern and fresh themes to choose from. Shopify uses independent professional designers to create themes so they’re always updated. Bigcommerce theme customization options help enterprises to offer creative mobile and web designs to their customers. As far as the number of options are concerned, Shopify gives you more (30+ free/140+ premium themes) than Bigcommerce (15+ free/30+ premium themes) to choose from.

  • Support & Maintenance: Creating and maintaining an eCommerce website is an important job for any business owner. Technical glitches can occur unannounced so it is important to have a solid support team to cater to any issues.

    Both eCommerce platforms provide 24/7 support through phone, email and chat. In addition, they also have a community forum through which you can interact with fellow users, learn new business tips and post questions. Apart from forums, you can also use the tutorial resources available on site website to get things set up.

  • eCommerce Tools: The ability to manage inventory, configure taxes, set up payment gateways and display products are some of the fundamental requirements of a good eCommerce website.

    Shopify and Bigcommerce give their users quite a few tools to work with. The former sets up users with the basic tools needed to run an online store. If you need more advanced features, you have to buy from Shopify’s App store. Bigcommerce gives users some of the most comprehensive tools among all e-commerce website builders so that you get more value. Overall, both provide enough options for businesses to effectively operate their e-commerce store with Bigcommerce gaining a slight advantage with its wide range of tools.

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): Bigcommerce and Shopify gives you hands-on help from experts to help you setup your online store. The advantage of this service is that you can be sure of their qualifications since they are pre-approved as “experts”.

    These expert individuals can assist in designing, developing, marketing or setting up your online store. With Shopify, there’s a higher possibility to find a professional who’s geographically close to you and who can work with you to achieve your business goals. This is because, there is a larger number of skilled help available through Shopify than through Bigcommerce.

  • App Marketplace: App stores are a strong feature of both platforms. Their App store has extensive tools that can help you enhance the functionality of your online store. Apart from this, certain features like inventory management, customer service, accounting can facilitate day-to-day tasks of running an e-commerce store. Currently, Bigcommerce has 200+ Apps and Shopify has 1000+ Apps so the latter has an edge over the former as far as the breadth of tools offered are concerned. A vast app store is often an indication that your e-commerce platform is stable and attractive to app creators.

In conclusion, both are major eCommerce solutions providers. They are robust platforms with a large set of eCommerce tools that can help you develop your business. It is necessary to evaluate both of them to see which one of them is better suited to your unique business need.

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