BlackBerry’s Shift in Focus from Smartphones to BES

22 May. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

BlackBerry is now aiming at concentrating on pushing forward its BlackBerry Enterprise Services in the enterprise world.

Last week, in its annual conference at Florida, BlackBerry laid out hard to miss news. The company is to launch a new smartphone model and is planning to make its popular BlackBerry Messaging Services available on other platforms as well. However, the news that caught most attention was the plan of shifting its focus from smartphones to its BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES).

The BES is one service that has made managing BlackBerry devices within a corporate or government networks quite easy. BlackBerry is now concentrating on expanding this feature to other devices as well, which means you can now manage your iPhone or any Android device using the BlackBerry Enterprise Service.


BlackBerry, though faces a difficult journey in winning over customers for its smartphones, has an increasing consumer traffic in the form of companies and government agencies. Many have started installing the BlackBerry Enterprise Service in order to run their BB10 devices and for developing applications that can run on the platform.

BlackBerry is likely to witness a rising curve for its BES with New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications intending to deploy 2000 BB10 smartphones by this summer and with BMO Financial Group, one of the top banks of Canada, having already endorsed BlackBerry10 as its platform of choice.

Scott Totzke, BlackBerry’s senior vice president of security said “We’ve got 12,000 plus BES 10 servers already installed and the curve is starting to ramp up and accelerate”.

Looking at the current situation, we can only hope to find BlackBerry Enterprise Service having taken a strong hold in the enterprise section with its BlackBerry Enterprise Service.

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