Booming Mobile App Growth, Without Signs of Slowing Down

16 Jul. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Mobile app growth, according to Flurry, is ticked by the innumerable mobile devices available and the use of apps by people.

Flurry is a company that provides tools to mobile app developers that can help them measure how much people are using their mobile apps. The company is now tracking 300,000 apps from 100,000 developers across the world. These apps are present on 1 billion devices, providing the company with data on over 3 billion app events every day.

Prashant Fuloria, Flurry’s chief product officer, said “We’re seeing a tremendous disruption by mobile as huge numbers of people move from the traditional web to mobile devices. That’s being driven by the large number of mobile devices around the world, and there’s plenty of room for growth.”

Mobile App Growth

The use of various apps can be graphically depicted as shown above. Through the huge data collected, Flurry indicates that the mobile app growth in terms of its use can be attributed to all kinds of apps available, such as productivity apps, games, social networking, lifestyle, etc.

Along with the drivers behind increased use of mobile apps, Flurry has also studied the pattern of app usage during the day and night. According to the data collected, the usage of apps does not change much during the day, though it does drop a little during the night time as well as during the early morning hours. They have also reached to a conclusion that no particular app is used extensively for a particular period of time. On the contrary, the types of apps people use remain relatively consistent throughout the day.

Mobile App For Moms

On an interesting note, Flurry also revealed that Moms with smartphones are also intensive users of mobile apps. As an example, they said that mothers who had Android phones spent 53% of their app time playing games, on iPads – 48% of their app time and on iPhones – 31% of their app time. They presented this data in the form of a graph given above.

Although growth in mobile apps is reaching new heights, mobile advertising lacks that same growth. We now have to see how companies can grow their reach through mobile advertising.

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