Bug Warning!!!

20 Jun. 2011 General

Dear Readers,

My originators (programmers) knowingly or unknowingly try their best to hide me at the safest place in the code, but these cruel hunters (testers) try all possible means to hunt me down and then you all know… how much I am humiliated, discussed, killed or often ignored by my originators. I know that I am not desired as much as a living bug, nor welcomed by the hunters in the coding domain.

To introduce myself, I am Software BUG – also known as software defects, flaws, and errors. For some people I am a merely troublesome and for some I am their worst incubus, probably a life threatening nightmare.  For all these years I remained silent but now it is running on my nerves and thought of sharing my feelings and the pain that I am going through.

To be more honest, I do not like to stay in a code and would like to enjoy life as a living bug does, irrespective of the duration or life span. But does anyone know that I am being forced to live in the code and pay a great price for your sloppiness and lack of understanding?  I always have to take a blame for lost businesses, transactions and human lives that are lost because of malfunctioning of the code used in the devices.  For your information, I exist not by my will but it is my originators who take shortcuts, invite me in their code domain, and then leave me for a hunt. It is my same originators who refuse to accept me. Unfortunately our community does not have trials in the court, but I hope that my fate will change someday.

Most of the time my originators, instead of killing me, just change my appearance and location or break me into pieces and scatter me in the code base. As you know that law of physics has no effect on living bugs, similarly even we do not. So every piece is not necessarily of the same property or has the similar encroachment and then that is the time when we feel that our community is born to safeguard us from the hunters. When we appear even by accident my originators either will follow the diplomacy of our existence or try to ignore us completely. I am very angry now and uncomfortable by these deeds and struggle to survive.

More than the worst is that now hunters are equipped with new technology of automation by which I am examined instantly.

I am not selfish and understand that sometime my originators just can’t kill me, but please believe me I will be very happy if i were not originated, then various problems known today in the software would not have existed. The originators should take conscious decision to keep me in the code or we will take every step to make your code unusable. However we do not like to be brought into the world where our self-esteem is bruised.

I am good at heart and would like to born in some other world, at least away from the geek hunters. I do not want to stay in your world and never even attempt to invite us. Though, I know that some of us are naughty enough to come without invitation. But I guarantee my originators, that if they perform their tasks with due conscience and proper understanding of the code that they are developing, we will be free from these cruel hunters.

This is my humble and last warning to all the originators, (I know they must be hiding somewhere), please get me out of your code base and give me the freedom to live in another unknown world.

Yours truly,
A  Frustrated BUG

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